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Are Doberman dogs a good breed of dog that do well with children under the age of 15?

Hey folks,

I grew up with a Doberman when I was a kid and have always loved the breed. I am now considering getting a Doberman puppy for my own family, but I have two children under the age of 15. I have read mixed reviews on whether or not this breed of dog is good with kids, so I wanted to get some input from people who have experience with Dobermans.

Do you think that Doberman dogs are a good breed for families with children under the age of 15? Have you had any experiences with this breed and children that you can share? Any advice or tips for raising a Doberman with kids would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello there,

I'm the proud owner of a Doberman named Django who is amazing with kids. I've got two boys, aged 9 and 12, and Django has been wonderful with both of them. He is a high-energy dog, but he's also very gentle and loving with my kids.

I think that Dobermans can be a great breed for families with kids, but it's important to remember that every dog is different, and their temperament can often depend on their upbringing and training. When we got Django, we made sure to socialize him with both adults and children, so he feels comfortable around people of all ages.

Of course, as with any dog, it's important to supervise your dog and your children when they're together to make sure that no one gets hurt. But overall, I would certainly recommend Dobermans to families with kids, as long as you're willing to put in the effort to train and socialize them properly.


Hey there,

While I agree that every dog is different and can be great with kids if they are properly trained and socialized, I have had some negative experiences with my Doberman and my children. My dog, Luna, is two years old and can be quite apprehensive around kids, especially when they are loud or energetic.

Even though Luna has never shown any signs of aggression towards my children, I still need to be extremely cautious, and I understand that this breed might not be the best choice for families with very young kids. I think it's important to keep in mind that Dobermans are high-energy dogs that require a lot of attention, exercise, and training, which can be challenging for busy families.

Overall, I would recommend doing extensive research and thinking carefully before getting a Doberman if you have young children. It's essential to talk to breeders and rescue organizations, meet as many dogs as possible, and assess your family's lifestyle and needs before making a decision.


Hello everyone,

I don't have any personal experience with Dobermans, but I have a close friend who has a Doberman, named Max, who is amazing with children. Max is incredibly patient and gentle with my friend's two young boys, and they absolutely adore him.

From what I've seen, Dobermans can make great family dogs, but as with any breed, it's important to do research and make sure you choose a dog that fits your specific lifestyle and family. As others have mentioned, it's also essential to socialize and train the dog properly, so they feel comfortable around children.

All in all, I think Dobermans can be great pets for families with children, but it's important to do your due diligence and make sure you're prepared for the time and effort it takes to responsibly care for a dog.


Hi there,

I have a 10-year-old Doberman named Zeus, and he has been an amazing family dog. He is gentle and patient with my two young children, even when they are running around and making noise. I believe any dog can be good with kids if they are properly trained and socialized, but in my experience, Dobermans can be especially great with little ones.

That being said, it's important to note that every dog has its own personality and temperament, so it's important to choose a dog that is a good fit for your family's lifestyle and energy levels. It's also essential to set clear boundaries and rules for both your children and your dog, to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy.

Overall, I think Doberman dogs can be a great addition to a family with children, but it's important to do your research and make sure you are ready to commit the time and effort needed to properly train and care for a dog.

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