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Are Dobermans good guard dogs?

Hi there, I am currently in the market for a new dog and have been considering a Doberman as my top choice due to their reputation for being smart and loyal companions. However, I am also looking for a dog that can serve as a dependable guard dog to protect my home and family. Can anyone offer insight into whether or not Dobermans are good guard dogs? Have any of you owned a Doberman that served as a faithful protector? I appreciate any advice or personal experiences you can share. Thank you!

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Hi there! I've also had the experience of owning a Doberman as a guard dog, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. I got my Doberman when I moved into a high-crime area, so I needed a guard dog to feel more secure. My Doberman quickly adapted to the role, and it was evident in the way he responded to any strange noises outside. He would bark, alert us, and move towards the location of the noise if necessary. What I appreciated most was that, beyond his guarding abilities, he was also a loving and loyal family pet. He was always eager to play with the kids and would always be protective of them no matter what. I found that this breed also has an excellent temperament, responding well to commands and living in harmony with other pets. In conclusion, Dobermans are amazing guard dogs and make great pets too!


Hello, I am also a proud owner of a Doberman breed and I can attest to their unyielding loyalty, intelligence, and strong protective instincts. In fact, my Doberman has already acted as a protector by barking at an intruder who attempted to sneak into my compound at odd hours while I was out of town. I was alerted by the barking of my dog, later done some investigation, and found that the intruder was a burglar. So, I can very much vouch for Dobermans' potential as guard dogs. They would not hesitate to protect you and your family while remaining calm and obedient unless the need arises for them to act to protect their family. However, they are not immune from accidents because they are dogs after all. So, always ensure to properly train them and put them under your guidance to limit any safety concerns.


Hello everyone! I have also had the opportunity of owning a Doberman as a guard dog for a few years now, and all I can say is that they are the best! As a resident in a not-so-safe neighborhood, I got my Doberman mainly to keep my family and property secure from any uninvited guests, and I must say, I have no regrets. Just like some of my co-contributors have mentioned, my dog is a true guard dog: loyal, intelligent, and fiercely protective. Whenever she senses any threat approaching, she starts barking ferociously, and that alone gives us the needed heads up.

Another thing I have learned about these dogs is their sharpness when it comes to differentiating between threatening and non-threatening situations. I recall a particular incidence when a neighbor's child wandered into our yard, and instead of attacking the child, my dog approached the child calmly without showing any signs of aggression. What stood out most for me was that despite providing adequate security, my Doberman remained an affectionate and lovely pet around my family, which is why I'd recommend Dobermans to anyone in need of reliable and devoted guard dogs.


Hey everyone! I've also had a great experience with Dobermans as guard dogs. I acquired my Doberman two years ago after a break-in in my neighborhood, and I wanted a dog that would protect my family and home. Since then, he has turned out to be an amazing guard dog. Whenever someone comes to the door, he is always alert and ready to protect the house. I have also taught him to persevere barking until I give him the command to stop, and he has been impressive in that as well. Most importantly, he is great with my kids and always ensures they are safe at all times. So, in my opinion, Dobermans are certainly great guard dogs, and They really are some of the most loyal and protective breeds out there.


Hello! I'd like to also share my experience with my Doberman as a guard dog. My dog was adopted from a shelter six years ago when she was a puppy. Since then, she has grown to become an excellent watchdog. She always alerts us of any unfamiliar sounds or people near our house and has become very protective of our family over time. I remember once when a stranger was hanging around our yard, she immediately began barking until we took notice, and the person quickly retreated after realizing that there was a dog in the yard. What I really appreciate about Dobermans is that they are relatively easy to train, and they can differentiate different kinds of sounds with time, i.e they can differentiate between a regular sound and a strange sound, and they know who belongs and who doesn't. Overall, I have no doubt that Dobermans are good guard dogs that would always protect and stand by their owners.


Hi there! I have owned a Doberman in the past and can definitely attest to their abilities as guard dogs. Not only are they highly intelligent and trainable, but they also possess an inherent protective instinct that makes them great watchdogs. My Doberman always kept a watchful eye over our home and would bark at any unfamiliar sounds or people approaching our property. But what I appreciate most about their guarding abilities is their ability to differentiate between actual threats and non-threatening situations. While they are not aggressive towards everyone by default, they will become fiercely protective if they sense any danger to their owners. Overall, I highly recommend Dobermans as guard dogs if you're looking for a loyal and protective companion.

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