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Are Dobermans protective of their owners?

Hi guys! I am considering adopting a Doberman as a family pet, but I have heard conflicting opinions about their protective nature. Some say they make excellent guard dogs and are fiercely loyal to their owners, while others claim the opposite and say they are just as likely to run away as they are to protect their family.

I live in a somewhat unsafe neighborhood and want a dog that will protect my family and property if necessary. I understand that training plays a huge role in a dog’s behavior, but I am curious about the Doberman breed’s natural tendency towards protectiveness.

So, for those of you who own or have experience with Dobermans, would you say they are protective of their owners? Have you seen them act on their protective instincts before? Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello everyone! I have been a Doberman owner for almost a decade now, and I can confidently say that Dobermans are incredibly protective of their owners. They become very attached to their families and always want to keep them out of harm's way.

My Doberman has always been very attentive, especially in situations where she perceives potential danger. For instance, when my sister's ex-boyfriend came to our house one evening and started yelling at her, my Doberman stood between them, barking aggressively until he left. Although she didn't attack him, her presence alone was enough to deter him from causing any physical harm.

Throughout the years, I have also witnessed many examples of Doberman's protectiveness towards their owners. They have saved their owners from being assaulted, robbed, and even getting hit by a car. But there's no doubt that proper training is essential to ensure their protectiveness doesn't translate into aggression.

In summary, Dobermans make excellent guard dogs and are entirely devoted to protecting their owners. If you are seeking a loyal and protective pet, a Doberman might be the perfect choice.


Hi there! I have experience with Dobermans, and I must say that they are incredibly protective of their owners. However, it's essential to note that early socialization and training are critical in determining their behavior towards people and other animals.

I once had a Doberman who was very territorial and would always bark at anyone who came near the house. Despite her natural protectiveness, she was also incredibly obedient and would listen to me when I called her back.

In another instance, I saw a Doberman on a street in my neighborhood that chased after a dog that was running loose, but it didn't become aggressive when the dog was caught. Instead, it returned to its owner, who had called them back.

While Dobermans can be excellent guard dogs and have a strong instinct to protect their owners, it's crucial to understand that every dog has its own nature and unique personality. With proper socialization and training, Dobermans can become dependable and trustworthy protectors.


Hi there! As an owner of a Doberman, I can attest to their natural protectiveness towards their owners. My Doberman has always been extremely loyal to me and my family and will not hesitate to bark at strangers or unfamiliar noises. However, I do agree that proper training is necessary to ensure that their protectiveness doesn't turn into aggression.

One incident that stands out to me was when someone tried to break into my home while I was out running errands. My Doberman sensed something was wrong and started barking uncontrollably, which alerted my neighbors and eventually scared off the intruder. I truly believe that my dog's presence and protection prevented any further damage or harm.

Overall, if you are looking for a dog that will protect you and your family, a Doberman could be a great choice. But make sure you invest in proper training and socialization to ensure their protectiveness is controlled and not extreme.


Hey there! I have had mixed experiences with Dobermans when it comes to protection. I owned a Doberman a few years back, and although he was fiercely loyal to me, he wouldn't be the best guard dog. He would bark at strangers, but when it came down to physical confrontation, he would shy away.

I have also had a few friends who own Dobermans and have seen examples of their protectiveness. A friend of mine was once walking late at night with their Doberman when they sensed danger. Their dog stood by their side, protecting them until they got home safely. In another instance, I heard about a Doberman who chased away a thief who was trying to steal from their owner's car.

I guess it depends on the individual dog's personality and the training they receive. While Dobermans have a natural instinct to protect their owners, it's also essential to go through proper training to fine-tune their protective behavior.

So, to answer your question, Dobermans can be protective of their owners, but it depends on their disposition and training. Even though they have an innate desire to protect their loved ones, remember that each dog is different and may have a unique personality that affects their behavior towards strangers.

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