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Can a Doberman live in a house with cats?


I am considering getting a Doberman as a pet for my family. However, we have two cats at home that we adore and we are concerned about how well a Doberman would be able to get along with them. We want to make sure that our cats will be safe and happy with a new member of our furry family.

Does anyone have experience with introducing a Doberman to cats? Is it possible for them to coexist in the same household without any issues? Are there any specific training or precautions we should take to ensure their safety and happiness?

Thank you for any advice or tips you can provide.

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Hey there!

I am an animal trainer and have trained many Dobermans to coexist happily with cats. It's crucial to remember that every animal is different and may require a different approach. Start slow and let them get to know each other on their own terms.

Training is the main key here, as it's important to get them into good habits from the start. It's important to train the Doberman to respect the cats as a part of the household and not as prey. Positive reinforcement works well in ensuring they know what is expected of them. Gradually increasing exposure under control is essential so that cats don't feel stressed.

Having your pets in separate areas with their food and litter boxes is also essential. This means each has a space to feel safe and secure. Most importantly, never leave your pets unsupervised until you are certain that they will get along without any issues.

It's important to keep in mind that sometimes certain breeds of dogs might have a strong prey drive and working alongside a certified professional dog trainer might be necessary.

At the end of the day, any type of pet can live together in peace and harmony, but it just requires patience, dedication, and a lot of training to make it work.



I have a Doberman and two cats living together in my house, and they all get along well. When we first introduced them, we supervised their interactions closely and made sure to give them both equal attention to avoid any jealousy or aggression. We also made sure that our cats had their own space to retreat to if they felt overwhelmed or uneasy.

Training was key in ensuring a peaceful coexistence. We trained our Doberman to ignore the cats and not chase them, and rewarded him for calm behavior around them. We also trained the cats to not be afraid of the Doberman and to coexist in the same space with him.

Overall, it is definitely possible for a Doberman to live happily with cats. It just takes patience, training, and supervision in the beginning to ensure a safe and positive transition for both pets.


Hello everyone,

I have experience with Dobermans and cats, and in my personal experience, it can be a hit or miss when introducing them. When my family brought home a Doberman pup, our cat was incredibly scared of him and would run away every time our pup came near.

We didn't give up, however, and started introducing them gradually, giving the cat plenty of opportunities to get used to the pup's scent and presence without having to interact too closely. Once the cat started showing curiosity and wasn't running away anymore, we allowed more direct interaction.

We also made sure that our pup was trained that the cat was not a toy and that he had to respect the cat's boundaries. We rewarded good behavior and corrected inappropriate behavior. We also made sure to supervise all interactions until we were confident that they could coexist safely.

Now, our Doberman and cat get along famously. They play together, eat together, and even cuddle together. What started as a difficult introduction has turned into a beautiful bond between two unlikely companions.

In conclusion, introducing a Doberman and a cat can take a lot of time and patience, but it can be done. It's important to let them get to know each other gradually, to train the dog to respect the cat, and to supervise all interactions until you are comfortable that they get along safely.


Hi everyone,

I have experience with owning both Dobermans and cats, but unfortunately, my Dobermans never could quite get along with any cats we brought into our home. Every time we tried to introduce them, the Dobermans would get too excited and start chasing the cats, which understandably freaked the cats out. We tried training, using praises and rewards to discourage bad behavior, and we tried giving them their own separate spaces, but it never seemed to quell the tension. Ultimately, we had to give up on the idea of having both cats and Dobermans in the same house, since it seemed like it just wasn't meant to be.

I don't want to discourage anyone from trying, as it can be different for each animal, but it's something to keep in mind that every animal has their own personality and may not always get along with each other. It's important to really evaluate the individual animals and make sure you can provide the necessary space and resources for each animal to live happily together.


Hello all,

I am a Doberman owner, and we recently brought a kitten into our household. At first, we were very anxious about how our Doberman would react to the new addition to our family. Thankfully, our Doberman turned out to be a gentle giant and was surprisingly good with our new kitten.

We were extremely careful during the introduction process, ensuring we introduced them slowly and safely. We allowed our kitten to have a safe space, where she could retreat to, and our Doberman was given treats to reward him for not showing any sign of aggression toward the kitten.

Training played a major role in making sure they coexisted safely together. We trained our Doberman to be calm around the kitten and to respect her space. Similarly, we trained our kitten to be confident around our Doberman and not run away from him.

It has now been several months, and our Doberman and kitten have become close companions. They play together and sometimes even sleep together.

In conclusion, it is possible for a Doberman to coexist with cats if you are willing to put in the effort to train and supervise them during the introduction phase. With sufficient training, patience, and care, it's certainly achievable.


Hello everyone,

I am a cat owner who recently adopted a Doberman puppy. We were also apprehensive about how our cats would react to the new arrival. At first, the cats were quite wary of the new dog and would keep their distance.

However, over time, they became curious and cautiously started interacting with the Doberman. To our surprise, our Doberman puppy showed very little interest in the cats and didn't make any attempts to chase them or play rough with them.

We also followed a structured introduction process where we ensured that each got enough time and space to acclimate and get used to each other. We rewarded good behavior, praised excellent habits, and supervised every interaction.

We also made sure that the cats had their separate space to retreat to, and the Doberman puppy would be taught to respect their boundaries. Additionally, we trained the Doberman not to approach the cats unsupervised, thus keeping everyone safe and happy.

Now, we are thrilled to see our cats and Doberman puppy coexist happily. They can sit together in a room, and there are no signs of conflict. It's undoubtedly possible for cats and Dobermans to coexist. It just requires time, training, and patience to ensure a positive and safe environment for all.



I have a Doberman and two cats who live harmoniously together. When we first introduced our Doberman to our cats we made sure that we started slow, we wouldn't let the Doberman get too close to the cats and the cats had a safe zone, where they could retreat in case they felt threatened. We soon realised that the Doberman was more scared of the cats than they were of him.

We started training the Doberman to respect the cats' personal spaces, and not chase them when they run away. Positive reinforcement was key, we'd reward the Doberman for staying calm around the cats and not paying too much attention to them. We also reinforced boundaries, by making sure the cats had their separate places and toys.

Now, our Doberman and our cats coexist peacefully. We can all sit in the same room and nobody is threatened. The cats will even cuddle with the Doberman from time to time. In conclusion, with patience, training and positive reinforcement it's very possible for a Doberman to live in a house with cats.

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