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Can Doberman Pinschers be family-friendly pets, or are they only good as watchdogs?

Hello everyone,

I am new to the world of dog ownership and I have been doing a lot of research on different breeds that would make great family pets. I have come across the Doberman Pinscher and I am interested in learning more about their temperament and suitability as a family pet.

From what I have read, Doberman Pinschers are known for their loyalty and protective nature, making them great watchdogs. However, I am wondering if they can also be friendly and loving towards their family members.

I have two young children at home and I want to ensure that any dog we bring into our home is safe to be around them. Can Dobermans be trained to be gentle with children and other pets, or are they better suited as watchdogs?

I would appreciate any advice or personal experiences that anyone can share about owning a Doberman Pinscher as a family pet. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello everyone,

I am a current Doberman owner and I have had a great experience with this breed as a family pet. My Doberman has been wonderful with my kids and other pets, and is a constant source of love, affection and protection.

While I agree that Dobermans have a high energy level and require rigorous training and socialization, I believe that once this breed is well-trained and socialized, they make great family dogs. Moreover, Dobermans are intelligent and easy to train, so it shouldn't be too complicated to teach them how to behave with children and other pets.

That being said, I did spend a lot of time and effort training my Doberman, but the results were worth it. He is now a gentle, loving and loyal companion who has truly become part of our family.

In conclusion, if you are considering getting a Doberman as a family pet, I would advise you to do your research, find a reputable breeder, and ensure proper training and socialization from an early age. With patience, devotion and the right training, a Doberman Pinscher can be a loving and devoted addition to your family.



As a former Doberman owner, I must say that while they are incredibly loyal and protective by nature, they may not be the best fit for families with younger children or other pets. Dobermans require excellent training and socialization from a very young age. If not, they may become aggressive towards strangers or other pets and become difficult to manage.

My Doberman had a high prey drive which meant he had a strong inclination to chase and attack smaller animals. We had to put him on a strict leash and watch him during walks to ensure he did not attack other other dogs or cats. We also had to spend a lot of time and resources training him, which required a lot of effort and money on our part.

Despite the challenges, Dobermans can make good pets if they are given the right training and socialization. However, and in my opinion, families with young children or other pets might want to think twice before choosing this breed as a suitable family pet.

I hope this helps your decision-making process!



As a former Doberman owner, I must say that while Dobermans can make great family pets, they are not ideal for everyone. This breed has a lot of energy and requires a lot of attention and exercise, which can be overwhelming for some families. Moreover, if you live in a small apartment without a yard, a Doberman might not be the best pet for you.

Dobermans also have a strong prey drive and can be prone to chasing small animals, which can be challenging for some pet parents. Training and socialization are essential for controlling this behavior, but it takes time and resources to get it right.

In addition, Dobermans are known for their protective nature and can sometimes be overly aggressive towards strangers or visitors. While this can be a positive trait in terms of protection, it can also be difficult to manage and requires careful consideration when choosing this breed.

In conclusion, while Dobermans can make great family pets, they are not the right fit for everyone. It's essential to do your research, evaluate if you have the resources to handle this breed's energy and training needs, and most importantly, ensure that you can provide them with the attention, care and love they need.


Hello everyone,

I am the proud owner of a Doberman Pinscher for the past five years, and he has been an amazing part of our family. Like any dog breed, Dobermans have their unique personality traits, and it's essential to ensure that they are a good fit for your family.

Our Doberman is highly energetic and requires a lot of exercise, but he is also incredibly intelligent and easy to train. He's a natural protector and does an excellent job of keeping our family safe. Even more importantly, he gets along great with people and other animals. Interestingly, he is very patient and gentle with our children and watches over them like a dutiful nanny.

That being said, Dobermans are prone to separation anxiety and can chew or become destructive if left alone for extended periods. We had to go through some training to curtail this behavior, but once he got the hang of it, it wasn't a problem anymore.

In conclusion, Doberman Pinschers can make great family pets with the right care and training. Ensure that you have the time, resources, and energy to devote to this breed's exercise, mental stimulation, and training needs. If you are committed, you will find that owning a Doberman is an incredibly rewarding experience that you and your family will cherish for years to come.


Hi there,

I am a Doberman Pinscher owner and I can say that they can absolutely be family-friendly pets! My Doberman is incredibly loyal and loving towards my whole family, including my young children. It's all about early socialization and training.

We started obedience training with our Doberman when he was a puppy and made sure to expose him to lots of different people and situations. As a result, he is very gentle with children and loves being around other dogs. Of course, we still supervise him when he's around my kids, but I have no worries about him being aggressive towards them.

That being said, Dobermans do have a high energy level and need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. So, as long as you are able to provide your Doberman with plenty of exercise and attention, they can make great family pets.

I hope this helps!


Greetings everyone,

I have had the pleasure of owning several Doberman Pinschers in the past, and I can say that they make great family pets. However, like any other dog breed, it is essential to do your research, understand their temperament and traits, and make an informed decision.

Dobermans are fiercely loyal to their families and make excellent protectors, but they can quickly become overprotective and territorial without proper training and socialization. It's essential to start socializing and training your dog as early as possible, expose them to a variety of situations, people and animals, and provide them with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and love.

Moreover, Dobermans can be sensitive dogs and may not respond well to harsh training techniques or neglect. I suggest that you find a reputable breeder who has a positive training philosophy and can provide you with a healthy and well-socialized puppy.

In conclusion, I believe that Doberman Pinschers can make excellent family pets, but they require a lot of care, attention, and dedication. With the right training and socialization, a Doberman Pinscher can provide you and your family with love, loyalty, and protection for many years to come.


Hello everyone,

I have had mixed experiences with Doberman Pinschers, so I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic. While Dobermans can be wonderful family pets, they are not suited for everyone.

My first Doberman was very aggressive and required excessive training, which was time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, my second Doberman was a complete sweetheart and needed minimal training. I think it just comes down to the individual dog's personality and temperament.

Dobermans can be great with children if socialized and trained from an early age. They are loyal and protective of their families, but if not trained properly, they may become aggressive towards strangers or other animals.

Moreover, Dobermans need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, or they can become bored and destructive. This could be challenging for families with busy schedules or those who live in apartments.

In conclusion, Dobermans can be great family pets; however, it is essential to research and find the right fit for your family's lifestyle. You will need to dedicate a lot of time, love, and training to ensure that your Doberman becomes a beloved member of your family.

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