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Can Dobermans live in apartments?

Hi everyone,

I am considering getting a Doberman as a pet and I live in an apartment. I have done some research and found conflicting information about whether or not Dobermans can live comfortably in apartments. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience owning a Doberman in an apartment setting, or who has any knowledge about whether or not they are well-suited to apartment living. Some of my concerns include the amount of exercise they need, their size, and their tendency to bark. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I've always lived in apartments and have had multiple Dobermans over the years. In my experience, Dobermans can absolutely live in apartments as long as they get the exercise they need.

Dobermans are known to be a medium-energy breed, and while they do enjoy regular exercise, they're also happy to lounge around the house with you. I found that taking my Dobermans out for regular walks (twice a day) was enough to keep them from becoming restless or destructive. I also provided plenty of toys and puzzles to keep them entertained indoors.

As for barking, again, it really depends on the individual dog. Some Dobermans can be quite vocal, but others are fairly quiet. I think it's important to provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation, as well as good training to help minimize excessive barking.

Overall, I would say that living in an apartment with a Doberman is very doable, as long as you're willing to put in the effort to give them the exercise and attention they need.


Hi there,

I used to live in an apartment with a Doberman, and it did require more effort than living with a smaller dog, but it was definitely doable. Dobermans are an intelligent and high-energy breed, so it's important to provide them with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and attention.

For exercise, I made sure to take my Doberman on walks, runs, and hikes regularly. We also went to a nearby dog park every week, and sometimes played fetch in the apartment complex's courtyard. Inside, I provided plenty of toys and puzzles to keep my dog entertained and mentally stimulated. Training was also key - I enrolled my Doberman in obedience classes and worked on basic commands at home.

My Doberman did have a tendency to bark when he heard noises outside, but it wasn't excessive. I think it helped that I provided him with plenty of attention and socialization from a young age.

Overall, I would say that if you're willing to put in the effort and have a lifestyle that allows for plenty of exercise and attention, living in an apartment with a Doberman is definitely feasible. But it's important to do your research, talk to breeders and other owners, and be realistic about the time and energy commitment required.


Hello everyone,

I've owned Dobermans for many years, both in apartments and houses. In my experience, Dobermans are a highly adaptable breed and can certainly live happily in apartments. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

First and foremost, Dobermans are a large breed and need plenty of exercise. The amount of exercise they need can vary depending on the individual dog, but in general, they require daily walks and some form of vigorous exercise or playtime. Living in an apartment means you'll likely need to get creative with exercise opportunities - whether that's finding nearby parks or trails, using a doggy treadmill, or playing indoor games.

Another important factor to consider is socialization. Dobermans tend to be protective of their families and can be wary of strangers or other animals. It's important to expose your Doberman to a variety of people, environments, and animals from a young age so they learn to feel comfortable and confident in different situations.

Regarding barking, Dobermans can be vocal dogs, especially if they haven't been properly trained or socialized. To help minimize barking, I recommend working on obedience training and socialization, as well as providing plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Overall, I would say that Dobermans can live happily in an apartment as long as their exercise and socialization needs are met. But it's important to do your research, be realistic about the demands of owning a large dog in a small space, and commit to providing your Doberman with the attention and exercise they need.


Hi there,

I used to live in an apartment and had a Doberman as a pet, so I can definitely share my personal experience with you. While it is true that Dobermans are a fairly large breed and require a decent amount of exercise, they can definitely adapt to apartment living.

In my case, I tried to take my Doberman for long walks every day and made sure to provide plenty of mental stimulation in the form of training and interactive toys. As long as they get enough exercise and attention, Dobermans can be perfectly happy living in an apartment.

Regarding barking, I think it depends on the individual dog. My Doberman was not a big barker, but I know that some Dobermans can be quite vocal. Again, providing enough exercise and attention can help minimize excessive barking.

Overall, I would say that if you are committed to giving your Doberman the exercise and attention they need, they can definitely live in an apartment. Just be prepared to put in some extra effort to make sure they are happy and healthy.

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