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Do all Dobermans require obedience training?

Hey guys, I'm considering adopting a Doberman and I've heard that they can be quite stubborn and difficult to train. I'm a first-time dog owner and I want to make sure I'm able to properly care for my new furry friend. I've seen conflicting opinions online about whether all Dobermans require obedience training or if some are naturally well-behaved. Can anyone share their experiences with training a Doberman? Is obedience training necessary for all of them or are there exceptions? Any advice or recommendations on training methods for this breed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey there, as a Doberman owner for a few years now, I can attest to the importance of obedience training. When we got our Doberman, she was a young pup, full of energy, and eager to please. However, we quickly realized that she needed some basic obedience training to ensure that things remained under control.

Obedience training improved our communication with her immensely. She learned to focus on us and respond to commands that we gave her. That helped us to keep her from running around and getting into all sorts of trouble, and we found ourselves with a well-behaved and responsive Doberman.

Training is also an excellent way to socialize your dog as it helps to establish good behavior around other dogs and people. Our dog has become increasingly confident and social with other dogs, thanks to obedience training.

In conclusion, obedience training is necessary for all Dobermans, whether they are puppies or older. By ensuring that they are well-trained and socialized, you'll be setting them up for a happy and well-adjusted life.


Hello fellow Doberman lovers! I strongly believe that obedience training is essential for this breed. I have owned Dobermans for many years and have seen firsthand the benefits of training them early and consistently.

Dobermans are energetic, intelligent, and often stubborn dogs. Without proper training, this breed can display unwanted behaviors such as destructive chewing, aggressive tendencies, or excessive barking. Training a Doberman requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, but the results are well worth the effort.

Through obedience training, you can teach your Doberman important commands such as sit, stay, heel, come, among others. By training your Doberman, you can establish a strong bond, good communication and build mutual trust with your furry pal. You can also avoid most behavioral issues that may arise through their lifetime.

Training can also be a fun experience for both you and your dog. It offers an opportunity to establish positive socialization among dogs as well as other humans. A well-trained Doberman can enjoy any outdoor activities without being fearful and can easily transition when new routines occur.

Overall, I strongly recommend obedience training for all Doberman owners, as it's crucial in establishing good habits and forging a healthier relationship with your furry companion.


Hello everyone, I have owned two Dobermans in my lifetime and I can say that obedience training is absolutely necessary for this breed. My first Doberman was not trained and he developed a lot of behavioral issues that made it difficult for me to control him. He was aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, and he would often bolt away from me in public. It was a very frustrating experience.

With my second Doberman, however, I enrolled him in obedience training from a young age, and his behavior has been markedly different. He is much calmer and more obedient, and I can trust him to behave well in public. Obedience training has also helped him develop better socialization skills, and he now enjoys playing with other dogs and interacting with people.

Training a Doberman can be challenging at times, but it is definitely worth it. They are highly intelligent dogs and they thrive on mental stimulation and structure. I would highly recommend obedience training to anyone considering getting a Doberman. It is an investment in their well-being that will pay off for years to come.


Hello there, I've been a Doberman owner for quite a while now and I must say, obedience training is not always necessary for all Dobermans. Yes, it's true that they can be quite stubborn and difficult to train but not all Dobermans exhibit the same behavioral traits.

My Doberman, for example, was very easy to train. She was naturally well-behaved and obedient. She picked up basic commands very quickly and didn't need much more than that. We did some additional training just to keep her mind stimulated, but it wasn't necessary in terms of controlling her behavior.

I believe that it depends on various factors such as a Doberman's temperament, past experiences, and environment. Some Dobermans may have had a prior history of abuse or poor socialization, and may require more attention and training. If you're unsure whether your Doberman needs obedience training or not, I suggest consulting a professional trainer who can evaluate your dog's behavior and provide you with personalized advice.

In my opinion, though, obedience training is never a bad idea. It strengthens the bond between you and your dog and provides some structure in their lives, which they generally appreciate.


Hey, as a Doberman owner myself, I can say that obedience training is definitely necessary for this breed. Dobermans are highly intelligent dogs and they need stimulation and structure to prevent them from becoming bored and developing destructive behaviors. Without proper training, they can become stubborn and difficult to handle.

I started training my Doberman very early on and I noticed a huge difference in her behavior compared to other Dobermans that weren't trained. She is obedient and well-behaved, which allows us to take her out in public with confidence. Training her wasn't always easy, but it was definitely worth it.

My recommendation is to start obedience training as soon as you bring your Doberman home. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key when it comes to training Dobermans. Also, enrolling them in group training classes can be a great bonding experience and a fun way to socialize your furry friend. Good luck!


Hello there, as a new Doberman owner, I was hesitant to sign up for obedience training at first. I thought that my Doberman pup would naturally pick up basic obedience without any formal training. However, after experiencing some behavioral issues, I can say that obedience training is definitely necessary.

My Doberman was starting to display aggressive tendencies towards strangers and other dogs, and she also had a lot of pent up energy that she wasn't sure how to express. After enrolling her in an obedience training program and working with a professional trainer, I was able to learn how to address her behavioral issues effectively.

Socialization has been a big part of our training journey. She now feels more comfortable around other dogs, obeying basic commands and is much more playful. I would highly recommend obedience training to all Doberman owners, especially new owners. It's a great way to build trust and develop a strong bond with your furry friend, while also ensuring good behavior and avoiding future behavioral problems.

Overall, the key is consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience. It's a long journey but definitely rewarding!


Hello everyone! I'm a first-time Doberman owner and I was also curious about whether or not obedience training was necessary for this breed. After doing some research and speaking with other Doberman owners, I decided to enroll my furry companion in obedience training and it was definitely the right decision.

My Doberman started off as an energetic and slightly rambunctious puppy, but through training, she has become a polite and well-behaved adult dog. Not only did obedience training help me to gain greater control over her behavior, but it also provided her with great mental stimulation and a way to socialize with other dogs and people.

Overall, I think that obedience training is essential for Dobermans, especially for first-time Doberman owners like me. As much as we love our dogs, it's important to remember that they have specific needs that need to be met. Training them with positive reinforcement helps to build trust and deepen the bond we have with them, and helps instill good behaviors that last a lifetime.

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