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Do Doberman dogs bark a lot or are they relatively quiet as a dog breed?

Hey guys,

Recently, I have been thinking about adopting a Doberman as a pet dog. However, I have heard different opinions on their bark. Some say that Doberman dogs bark a lot, while others say they are quiet than most dog breeds.

As someone who lives in an apartment, I am looking for a dog that is not too loud and won't disturb my neighbors. So, I need some insights from Doberman owners or anyone who has experience with this breed. Do Doberman dogs bark a lot, or are they relatively quiet as a dog breed?

I appreciate any personal experiences or advice you have to offer. Thanks in advance!

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Hey all,

I have owned a few different dog breeds throughout my life, and I can say that my experience with my Doberman was quite unique. He didn't bark much at all, which I found surprising given their reputation for being guard dogs.

When we first got him, I expected him to bark at every little noise and be reactive to everyone that walked by, but that wasn't the case at all. He was calm, chill, and barely ever barked unless he needed to alert us to something like someone at the door.

From my personal experience, I wouldn't say that Dobermans are an excessively vocal breed. Of course, there can always be exceptions, but my interaction with my dog suggests that they do not bark as much as people might think. Like most dogs, their behavior usually depends on training, personality, and their upbringing.

Overall, If your concern is about barking, I would say Doberman dogs make a great pet option. They are intelligent, trainable, and adaptable to various environments, and they do not bark excessively unless trained otherwise.


Hello all,

I have been a Doberman owner for over a year now, and as much as I love my dog, I can confirm that Dobermans do bark more than other breeds. However, it is important to note that not all Dobermans bark excessively, and it often depends on the individual dog's personality.

My Doberman is an energetic and alert dog, and he barks at anything that he perceives as a threat, such as strangers or other dogs. Although his barking is acceptable for me and my family, it can be a nuisance to our neighbors.

To mitigate the disturbance, we have been training him to be less vocal and more obedient. We have also provided him with toys and puzzles to keep him occupied, so he doesn't find the need to bark unnecessarily.

Overall, from my personal experience, I would say that Dobermans can be excessive barkers. But, with proper training and socialization, it is possible to control their barking and make them great companions.


Hi everyone,

I have owned two Doberman dogs and can attest that their barking can vary based on individual characteristics. My first Doberman was an excellent watch dog and would bark whenever someone came close to the house. However, he was not an excessive barker, and his bark did not bother my neighbors.

On the other hand, my second Doberman was a little more vocal than the first. She would bark more frequently but only at things that she sensed as a threat. She would also bark when she was excited or happy, such as when we came home from work.

Nevertheless, I would say that both my dogs were relatively quiet than other breeds I have encountered. I believe that Dobermans are often misunderstood, and people assume that they are aggressive and bark excessively. However, with proper training and socialization, they can be calm, well-behaved dogs.

Overall, my personal experience indicates that Doberman dogs do not always bark excessively, and it's essential to focus on training and socialization to manage their behavior.



I used to have a Doberman, and I have to say that my experience was quite different from the previous response. My dog was a heavy barker, and she did not always wait for unusual events or visitors to bark. She would bark at any little sound or noise or when someone walked by our house.

Although it was her protective instincts, I found her constant barking intolerable and difficult to manage, especially when I had visitors around. We tried to train her but did not make much progress, and we ended up rehoming her to a more suitable environment where she could bark without disturbing anyone.

That said, I think it's essential to know that a dog's behavior can vary, depending on how well trained and socialized they are. So, if you decide to adopt a Doberman, give them the proper training and attention to reinforce good behavior and manage excessive barking.

Overall, based on my personal experience, Doberman dogs can bark a lot, but each dog is unique, and their barking behavior may be manageable depending on training and socialization.


Hey there,

I own a Doberman, and I can tell you that they are not generally noisy dogs. My Doberman hardly barks unless she senses danger or someone unfamiliar approaches our house. They are loyal and protective dogs, but they don't bark unnecessarily.

However, like any dog breed, there can be exceptions, and individual behavior might vary. Some Doberman dogs might bark more than others, but it all depends on the training they have received and the environment they are in.

So, in my personal experience, I would say that Doberman dogs are relatively quiet and not known for excessive barking. If you train them well and provide them with enough exercise and attention, they will be well-behaved dogs.

Hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I've had a Doberman for almost four years now, and in my experience, Dobermans are generally quieter dogs compared to other breeds. Although they have a faulty reputation of being incredibly vocal dogs, my Doberman rarely ever barks unless there's a reason to.

From my observations, Dobermans tend to bark only when provoked or when they feel the need to protect their family. They are an intelligent breed, and with the proper training, they can quickly learn when to be vocal and when to remain calm.

That being said, like any other breed, there can be exceptions. Some Dobermans may be more vocal than others, so it's essential to interact with them before adopting to gauge how much they bark.

Overall, based on my personal experience, I would say that Dobermans are not overly loud dogs. They are intelligent and affectionate pets that may bark when necessary, but they can be trained to limit their barking.


Hi everyone,

I own a Doberman who is almost five years old, and from my experience, I can say that Dobermans are quite vocal dogs. My dog barks at pretty much anything that moves or makes a sound, whether it's a car passing by, the wind rustling through the leaves, or a water droplet falling.

I think my dog's tendency to bark a lot is his protective nature. He takes his responsibility of guarding our home and family very seriously, and he's always on high alert.

However, we had to take steps to manage his barking because it was starting to affect our neighbors. We put him through obedience training, and that has helped to a great extent, his barking has reduced. But we had to keep working on it consistently until it became a habit.

In summary, from my personal experience, Dobermans are vocal dogs, and they can bark a lot if not properly trained. However, like most other breeds, with the proper training, they can learn to behave and not bark excessively.

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