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Do Dobermans do well with other animals?

Hi everyone,

I'm considering getting a Doberman as a pet, but I currently have other animals in my home. I have a cat and a parrot, and I'm worried about whether a Doberman would get along with them. I've heard that Dobermans can have a strong prey drive and may view smaller animals as something to chase, so I'm a bit hesitant.

Does anyone have experience with Dobermans and other animals? How have they reacted to cats or birds? Is it possible to train a Doberman to coexist with other pets, or is it something that is just in their nature?

Any insight or advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there,

I have a Doberman and several other animals in my home, including a cat and two small dogs. I was initially concerned about how my Doberman would react to the smaller animals, but with proper training and socialization, he has learned to coexist peacefully with them.

I think it's important to establish boundaries and teach your Doberman which behaviors are acceptable around other animals. For example, I trained my Doberman to not chase or bark at my cat by rewarding him with treats when he exhibited calm behavior around her. I also introduced my Doberman to my parrot gradually, always supervised and with positive reinforcement.

Of course, every dog is different and some may have a stronger prey drive than others. It's important to consider your individual dog's personality and tendencies when deciding whether to introduce them to other animals.

Overall, I think it's definitely possible for Dobermans to get along with other animals, as long as proper training and precautions are taken. Good luck with your decision!


Hello there,

I have been a Doberman owner for several years now and I must say my Doberman is very friendly with other animals. At first, I was also a bit hesitant to introduce him to smaller pets like cats and birds. But to my surprise, my Doberman got along so well with them.

It's important to understand that all dogs, regardless of breed, have different personalities and behavioral tendencies. While some Dobermans may have a strong prey drive, others may be naturally more docile and gentle. In my personal experience, my Doberman was always energetic and playful, but never aggressive towards other animals.

However, it's important to start with small steps when introducing your Doberman to other pets. An initial introduction on a leash with controlled interaction followed by increased contact under supervision will help the pets get used to each other.

I would recommend seeking advice from an experienced dog trainer who can give you practical tips on how to get your pets to coexist peacefully. With proper guidance, I believe Dobermans can do well with other animals.

Hope this helps!


Hi everyone,

I have had experience owning multiple Dobermans over the years, some of whom got along well with other animals and others who did not. I think it’s important to recognize that every dog, regardless of breed, has their own unique personality and tendencies.

While some Dobermans may have a tendency to view smaller animals as prey, others can be very gentle and nurturing towards them. For example, one of my Dobermans was raised alongside a litter of kittens and he became very protective of them. He would curl up with them and watch over them, acting like a surrogate mother.

However, my other Doberman was much more energetic and had a stronger prey drive. We had to be very careful when introducing him to smaller animals and always kept a close eye on him during interactions.

In my experience, socialization from an early age is key when it comes to introducing Dobermans to other animals. It’s important to expose them to a variety of animals and teach them which behaviors are acceptable around them. Positive reinforcement for good behavior is also essential, as it can help reinforce the bond between your dog and other animals.

Overall, it's important to remember that every Doberman is different and may have different tendencies when it comes to interacting with other animals. With proper training, socialization, and patience, however, Dobermans can definitely learn to coexist peacefully with other pets.


Hello everyone,

I have had mixed experience with Dobermans and other animals. I used to own a Doberman who was very aggressive towards other animals, especially cats. Despite our best efforts to socialize and train her, her predatory instincts were too strong and she could not be trusted around other pets.

However, my friend owns a Doberman who is wonderful with other animals. This Doberman was raised around cats and horses and has never shown any aggressive tendencies towards them. From what I understand, the key factor in this dog's success with other animals is that she was socialized from a young age and trained to recognize and respect boundaries.

In my opinion, it all depends on the individual dog and their background. Some Dobermans may have a strong prey drive that cannot be trained away, while others may be friendly and gentle towards other animals. It's important to do your research and consider your own dog's personality and tendencies when making decisions about introducing them to other pets.

Above all, I would emphasize the importance of always supervising interactions between Dobermans and other animals, regardless of how docile the dog may be. Accidents can happen and it's better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this helps provide some additional perspective on the topic at hand.


Hello everyone,

I have owned two Dobermans over the last 20 years, and both have been incredible companions who got along well with other animals. However, I would like to emphasize the importance of early socialization and training to prevent any unwanted behaviors.

My first Doberman was raised with two cats and they quickly became best friends. He never showed any signs of aggression or prey drive towards them, but he did get a bit too excited when playing and would sometimes forget his size. With gentle reminders and training, he quickly learned to play more gently and respectfully with the cats.

My current Doberman was also raised with cats, and we recently added a new kitten to our home. While he was initially curious and playful with the kitten, we made sure to supervise all interactions and gently redirect his attention when necessary. Now, after a few weeks of consistent training and encouragement, he is gentle and loving with the kitten.

In my experience, a well-trained and socialized Doberman can get along great with other animals, including cats, birds, and other dogs. It's all about taking the time to introduce them properly, set boundaries, and provide positive reinforcement for good behavior.

I hope this helps provide some perspective on the matter. Best of luck with your Doberman and other pets!


Hello everyone,

I own three Dobermans and would like to share my experience with them and their interactions with other animals. Firstly, it is essential to train your Doberman to get along with other pets using positive reinforcement training techniques. I have found that training is most effective when implemented during their formative years.

In my household, my Dobermans are very energetic and social. However, they have each had moments of being aggressive towards other animals, including cats and other dogs. The key to managing this situation is to introduce your pet to other animals slowly and under supervision.

My cats were initially skeptical of the Dobermans, and the Dobermans also made attempts to chase the cats at first. However, we have learned that the trick is to provide positive reinforcement to the Dobermans during their interactions with other animals, and they will eventually learn good behavior.

In summary, Dobermans are great dogs that can get along well with other pets if adequately trained and socialized. Introducing your Doberman to other animals should be done gradually, with patience and a lot of positive reinforcement. Therefore, if you are considering getting a Doberman, make sure that you are up to the task of training and socializing them properly.


Hi everyone,

I have been a Doberman owner for a few years now and I must say that my experience with my dog and other animals has been generally positive. However, there have been a few times in which my Doberman has exhibited a strong prey drive, particularly towards smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits.

In order to address this behavior, I worked with a dog trainer to teach my Doberman to recognize these animals as off-limits. We did this by training him to redirect his attention on me or a toy when he saw a squirrel or rabbit. With consistent practice and positive reinforcement, my Doberman has now learned to ignore these animals and focus on other things.

That being said, I think it's important to recognize that Dobermans can be powerful and energetic dogs that require a certain level of attention and exercise. Without proper exercise and stimulation, these dogs can become bored or restless and their predatory instincts may become more pronounced.

Overall, my experience with my Doberman and other animals has been primarily positive thanks to consistent training and supervision. With patience, dedication, and proper socialization, Dobermans can definitely learn to coexist peacefully with other animals.

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