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Do Dobermans do well with other animals, such as cats and other dogs?

Hi everyone,

I am considering getting a Doberman as a new addition to my family, but I have some concerns about their temperament around other animals. I currently have a cat and another dog, and I want to make sure that adding a Doberman to the mix won't cause any issues.

I have heard mixed opinions about how Dobermans get along with other animals, so I wanted to hear from other pet owners who have experience with this breed. Have you had any issues with your Doberman showing aggression towards cats or other dogs? Or have they been friendly and accepting towards them?

Any advice or personal experiences you can share would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hello all,

I have had experience with two Dobermans and both had very different temperaments when it came to interacting with other animals.

The first Doberman we had got along great with other dogs and was very friendly with our cat. However, she did show some signs of aggression towards smaller animals that she perceived as prey, such as squirrels and rabbits.

Our second Doberman, on the other hand, was the opposite. She was very protective of us and extremely territorial. She would show aggression towards unfamiliar dogs and cats, even those that were much smaller than her. We had to be very careful when walking her and limiting her interactions with other animals.

Overall, I believe that socialization and training plays a big part in a Doberman's temperament towards other animals. It's important to socialize them from a young age and to give them positive experiences with other dogs and cats. But, at the end of the day, it's important to recognize that each individual Doberman will have their own unique personality and temperament, and it's crucial to assess them individually.


Hi there,

I have a Doberman and a cat, and honestly, it's been a mixed experience. My Doberman is very friendly and playful with our cat now, but it took some time for them to build trust and become comfortable with each other. When we first brought our Doberman home, our cat was very hesitant around her, and our Doberman was overly curious and kept barking at her.

To address the situation, we monitored their interactions and rewarded both of them for positive behavior towards each other. We also made sure to give our cat plenty of safe spaces to retreat to when she was feeling nervous or overwhelmed. Over time, our Doberman learned to respect our cat's boundaries, and our cat learned to trust our Doberman.

I think it's important to have patience and be willing to put in the effort to create a safe and positive environment for all your pets. Socializing your Doberman at an early age is also key, so they learn to understand and respect other animals' boundaries.

In conclusion, it is possible for Dobermans to get along with other animals, and it largely depends on their individual personalities and their training and socialization. With patience, effort, and positive reinforcement, it is definitely possible to integrate a Doberman into a household with other animals.


Hi there,

I have a Doberman myself and she gets along great with other animals. She initially showed some curiosity towards my cat when we first brought her home, but after a few days of supervised interactions, they became great friends. They often cuddle up and groom each other.

As for other dogs, my Doberman is always friendly and playful with them. She loves going to the dog park and socializing with other dogs of all sizes. I think how a Doberman behaves around other animals depends largely on their socialization and training. Make sure to socialize your Doberman as early as possible and give them plenty of positive experiences with other animals and people.

Overall, I think Dobermans can do very well with other animals as long as they are properly socialized and trained.


Hi everyone,

I have had multiple Dobermans over the years, and I can say that each one had their own temperament when it came to interacting with other animals. Some were more tolerant and friendly towards other animals, while others were more aggressive and territorial.

The key factor in my experience has been socialization and training. Starting at a young age, I made sure to expose my Dobermans to as many different animals and situations as possible. I brought them to dog parks, introduced them to other dogs and cats, and taught them how to interact appropriately. I also made sure to establish myself as the pack leader and set clear boundaries for their behavior.

Of course, there were instances where my Dobermans showed aggression towards other animals, but in most cases, it was due to their protection and loyalty towards their owners. It's important to remember that each Doberman is an individual, with their own personality, and that their behavior may vary.

In conclusion, Dobermans can do well with other animals as long as they receive proper socialization and training. Be patient, persistent, and consistent in your approach, and you will likely find that your Doberman can coexist peacefully with other pets.


Hello there,

I used to have a Doberman and unfortunately, she did not get along well with other animals. She had a very high prey drive and would often try to chase after small animals like squirrels and rabbits. She also showed aggression towards other dogs, especially those that were not familiar to her.

We tried to socialize her from a young age and took her to obedience training, but her temperament towards other animals never really improved. This is not to say that all Dobermans are like this, as each dog has their own individual temperament and personality.

My advice to you would be to consider your current pet's personalities before bringing a Doberman into the mix. If they have a history of showing aggression towards other animals, it may not be the best idea to introduce them to a Doberman. Additionally, do your research and find a reputable breeder who breeds for good temperament and socialization.

I hope this helps!


Hey everyone,

My Doberman had a mixed experience with other animals. She was initially scared of cats and would bark and growl at them, but over time she learned to tolerate them. She was very friendly with other dogs that she knew and played well with them.

However, when we encountered new dogs on walks, she could become aggressive and territorial. This behavior was attributed to her protective nature and strong loyalty to her owners. We worked hard to teach her appropriate behavior around strangers and it did improve over time.

I think it's important to remember that each individual animal has their own personality and temperament. While some Dobermans may get along great with other animals, others may not. It's important to thoroughly research the breed and get to know the specific dog's disposition before making a decision.

In conclusion, I believe Dobermans can get along with other animals if trained and socialized properly, but each one is different and their behavior towards other animals can vary.

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