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Do German Shepherd ears stand up on their own, or do they get cropped like Dobermans?

Hey everyone!

I'm considering getting a German Shepherd puppy, and I've been wondering about their ears. I've seen some German Shepherds with their ears standing up on their own, while others have their ears cropped like Dobermans. I'm curious about what the norm is with this breed, and whether or not their ears require any special care.

I personally prefer the natural look of a German Shepherd's ears, but I also want to make sure that they are healthy and comfortable. Can anyone share their experiences with German Shepherd ear care, or offer any advice on whether or not I should have my puppy's ears cropped?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can share!

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I have a five-year-old German Shepherd that I have not cropped her ears. I believe it's unnecessary and causes unnecessary pain to the dog. German Shepherds are known for having their ears perk up as they grow up, which is unique to this breed. The standing ears give them a distinctive look that shows off their intelligence and alertness. Nevertheless, their ears stand up by themselves, even though it can take time for them to stand.

Since German Shepherds are known for having large, upright ears, it's crucial to clean and ensure their ears remain healthy. I generally clean the ears once every week or so using a vet-recommended ear cleanser. It's essential to be cautious when cleaning their ears because they're quite delicate. They only require a mild cleaning, but it's important to ensure the ear canal is free of excessive debris or earwax that could cause an infection.

In summary, I believe ear cropping isn't necessary and can cause your dog pain. Their ears generally hang down, and after a while, they become upright. Ensure their ears remain clean and healthy using a mild cleanser to prevent infections.


Hey there!

As a German Shepherd owner, I can tell you that generally, their ears do stand up on their own as they grow. However, there are some cases where the ears may not stand up due to various reasons such as ear infections, teething, or poor nutrition. If you're concerned about your puppy's ears not standing up, or if you prefer the "upright" look for your dog, you could consider taping their ears or using ear supports to help them stand up.

In my opinion, ear cropping is unnecessary and can be quite painful for the puppy. It's also illegal in some countries/states. If you do choose to have your puppy's ears cropped, make sure you go to a reputable and experienced vet.

As far as ear care goes, it's important to keep your German Shepherd's ears clean and dry to prevent infections. You can use a gentle ear cleaner (available at pet stores) to clean the ears every once in a while. Don't use cotton swabs as they can damage the ears.

Overall, I'd say go for the natural look and avoid ear cropping if possible. Best of luck with your new pup!


Hi there,

As a long-time German Shepherd owner, I can attest that their ears are noted for standing on their own. There are several ways that you can help in promoting their ears to remain upright. A common practice of retaining their ears upward is by taping them up lightly with masking tape, which helps in keeping their ears in position while the cartilage is still developing. Nevertheless, I'd recommend getting advice from a vet or an experienced GSD breeder before attempting anything like this because ears are crucial and delicate to your dog.

As mentioned, ear cropping is not only unnecessary but cruel to your furry friend. Though, in some competitions, a cropped ear is needed. However, aside from that, there's no valid reason to give your dog an operation that doesn't improve his/her quality of life.

Ear care is a crucial aspect of maintaining your GSD's health, and ear infections can be quite typical in this breed. I usually clean my pooch's ears regularly as a preventative measure with a vet-approved ear cleaner. In addition, ensuring the ear canal remains dry is vital in preventing bacteria and yeast infections.

In closing, I would recommend sticking to the natural state of your German Shepherd's ear instead of cropping them. However, if you're in doubt, get advice from your vet, breeder, or other experienced GSD owners who can guide you in the best direction to care for your pooch's ears.


Hello everyone,

I've had a German Shepherd for several years, and I can say that their ears are very much capable of standing up on their own without any intervention. As others have mentioned, German Shepherds have renowned characteristics such as their intelligence, great work ethics, and, of course, their signature straight ears.

I'm vehemently against ear cropping for German Shepherds or any other breed of dogs for that matter, as it is a painful and inhumane process that serves no practical purpose. It's essential to allow your pup's ears to go through their natural growth and development without any unwarranted alteration.

When it comes to the care of your German Shepherd ears, you must establish a regular ear-cleaning routine. An accumulation of dirt, wax, or moisture in your dog's ear can lead to serious problems like infections or inflammation. If left unattended to, these complications can escalate and cause considerable damage, leading to surgery or, in some cases, even deafness. I clean my German Shepherd's ears about once a week, using a solution prescribed by our vet.

To sum it up, German Shepherds' ears stand up naturally, and thus unnecessary tampering is not required. Ensure regular cleaning using a recommended product to decrease the likelihood of ear infections. Lastly, choose a reputable veterinary professional for any medical concerns regarding your furry friend.

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