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Does BTS's Jungkook have a Doberman dog?

Hey guys,

I was browsing through social media and stumbled upon a picture of BTS's Jungkook with a Doberman dog. I'm not sure if it's his own dog or if he was just playing with a friend's pet. Does anyone know if Jungkook really has a Doberman dog? I'm a huge fan of Jungkook and I'm also a dog lover myself, so I'm really curious to find out. If anyone has any information, please share with me! Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys,

I saw this thread and wanted to share my own personal experience with Jungkook's dog. I actually bumped into them while on a hike in Seoul! I was taking a break at the top of the hill when I saw Jungkook coming up with a Doberman dog. I recognized him immediately and wanted to say hi, but didn't want to intrude. Luckily, Gureum came sniffing around me and Jungkook started up a conversation.

We chatted for a few minutes and I told him how much I loved the BTS concert I went to the year before. He seemed genuinely interested in my experience, and even let me pet Gureum. I have to say, Gureum was one of the friendliest dogs I've ever met, and it was clear that he and Jungkook had a really strong bond.

Overall, it was a really cool interaction and definitely one of my most memorable moments in Seoul. Jungkook was so down-to-earth and easy to talk to, and seeing him with his dog made me appreciate him even more as both a talented artist and a kind-hearted individual.


Hey there!

I am a huge BTS fan and also a dog lover. To answer your question, yes, Jungkook does have a Doberman dog named Gureum. He's shared a few pictures and videos of his furry companion on social media and even brought him along to a few public events. From what I've seen, Gureum is a well-behaved and loyal pup, just like his owner!

I'm sure Jungkook's fans love seeing him interact with his dog, it just makes him all the more endearing. Hope this helps!


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a quick story about Jungkook's dog. A friend of mine who lives in the same area as Jungkook actually met Gureum once while walking her own dog. Apparently, Gureum was off-leash and ran over to say hello to her dog, which is how she met Jungkook.

According to my friend, Jungkook was very polite and friendly, but also very apologetic. He explained that Gureum had a tendency to be curious and social with other dogs, which is why he had him off-leash. My friend mentioned that she thought Gureum was incredibly well-behaved for being so young, and Jungkook was appreciative of the compliment.

I just thought it was really cool that Jungkook is so hands-on with his dog and takes him out for regular walks. Having a Doberman can sometimes make others nervous, so it's nice to see that Gureum is well-socialized and friendly with both humans and other dogs alike. Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to meet them both in person one day!



Just wanted to chime in and say that I'm also a big fan of BTS and Jungkook, but I didn't know he had a dog until I stumbled upon this thread. I did some digging and found that Jungkook actually adopted Gureum in 2017, when the pup was only about 3 months old. Since then, he's shared plenty of pictures and videos of his furry friend on social media.

From what I've seen, Gureum is absolutely adorable and seems to have a playful personality. It's always nice to see celebrities who love animals and take good care of their pets. Jungkook definitely seems to have a special bond with Gureum, and it's heartwarming to see him share that with his fans.

Anyway, I hope this bit of information is helpful. Looking forward to seeing more cute pics of Gureum in the future!


Hey guys!

I was actually lucky enough to attend one of BTS's concerts last year and saw Jungkook's dog Gureum in person! I was surprised when they brought him out on stage during the encore, he was such a well-behaved and adorable dog. I remember the whole crowd went wild when Gureum came out, it was such a special moment.

After the show, I saw Jungkook with Gureum at the backstage area. He seemed really happy to have his dog with him, and even took a few minutes to say hi to some of the fans who were waiting outside the venue. It was really cool to see a different, more personal side of one of my favorite idols.

Anyway, that's just my personal experience with Jungkook's dog. I'm sure Gureum is very loved and well-taken care of, and I hope other fans get the chance to meet him in the future!

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