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How are the ears and tails of a Doberman cut, and what does the taping have to do with anything?

Hi everyone, I am a new Doberman owner and I have been seeing a lot of Dobermans with cropped ears and tails. Can someone explain to me how the ears and tails of a Doberman are cut? Also, I have heard about taping after the procedure, what is the purpose of taping and how long does it need to stay on? I want to make sure I am well-informed before I consider this procedure for my dog. Thank you!

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Hi there! I have a Doberman with cropped ears and tail, so I can share my personal experience. The procedure is usually done when the puppy is very young, between 7-12 weeks old. The ears are trimmed and shaped to stand upright, while the tail is docked to a certain length. It's important to choose a reputable veterinarian who has experience with this procedure, as it can be risky and traumatic for the puppy if not done properly.

As for taping, it's a crucial part of the aftercare process. The ears need to be taped to a standing position to help them heal correctly in that position. Taping typically needs to be done for several months after the procedure, and it's important to follow the vet's instructions carefully. If the taping is not done correctly, the ears can flop over, which defeats the purpose of the procedure.

Overall, I'm happy with my Doberman's cropped ears and tail, but it's definitely a personal decision that each owner should make for themselves. It's important to do plenty of research and make an informed decision, and to find a reputable vet who can perform the procedure safely and effectively.


Hello everyone! I have had two Dobermans, one with cropped ears and tail, and the other with natural ears and tail. As a responsible pet owner, I have done extensive research on both procedures.

Cropping a Doberman's ears and tail is a purely cosmetic procedure and serves no practical purpose. While it makes them look more intimidating, it's important to understand the risks involved in the procedure.

The cropping procedure is done when the puppy is young, done under anesthesia and requires significant aftercare, including taping. Though taping is not painful, it can be a time-consuming and laborious process. If the taping is not done properly, it can result in the ears flopping, which can be discouraging for those who have undertaken the procedure.

While some Doberman owners prefer the aesthetic of a Doberman with cropped features, it's important to keep in mind the trauma it may cause to the animal. In my opinion, a Doberman with natural ears and tail is just as beautiful and fierce-looking.


Hello there! I also have a Doberman with cropped ears and tail and can share my experience. My dog's ears were trimmed to stand upright and his tail was docked to a certain length, which is standard for the breed. However, I didn't realize that the procedure can be quite painful for the puppy and can lead to complications if not done correctly.

Based on my personal experience, I would suggest that Doberman owners seriously consider the pros and cons of the procedure before making a decision. It's also important to choose a reputable vet who specializes in these procedures and to follow their aftercare instructions closely.

Taping is an important aspect of the procedure to ensure that the ears stand up properly as they heal, and it's usually recommended to keep the tape on for several weeks, if not longer. This can be a challenge for both the dog and the owner, as the tape can come off or irritate the dog's skin.

Ultimately, the decision to crop a Doberman's ears and tail is a personal one, and it's important to consider the potential risks before proceeding with the procedure. Personally, if I could go back in time, I would not have had my dog's ears and tail cropped.


Hi everyone, I have a different perspective to share. I am a Doberman breeder and have been for many years. I have seen and cared for many Dobermans and I understand the considerations for cropping and docking.

From my experience, it is important to consider the breed standards set by the kennel clubs. The Doberman breed standard calls for cropped ears and docked tail, so it is a common practice in shows and championships.

The cropping procedure is generally done when the puppies are 7-12 weeks old, as this is the ideal time for the ears to stand up straight. The tail docking is usually done within the first few days of the puppy's life.

As a breeder, I am always cautious and look for a skilled vet who will perform the procedure with utmost care and attention to detail. After that, the ears are taped for weeks to months to ensure they heal in an upright position.

In my opinion, a Doberman with cropped ears and docked tail looks more impressive and shows off their unique features. However, it is important to always consider our pet's welfare and choose a professional who can perform the procedure properly.

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