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How are your Doberman dogs with cats?

Hello everyone, I am a new dog owner and I recently got two Doberman dogs. However, I also have a cat at home and I am a bit worried about how my dogs will react around the cat. I have heard that Dobermans have a high prey drive and I don't want my cat to be harmed in any way. Can anyone share their experiences with Doberman dogs and cats? How are they around cats? Do they get along or do they need special training to be around cats? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello there! I have owned both Doberman dogs and cats and in my experience, it's important to remember that each dog or cat will react differently to each other. While Dobermans are known to have high prey drives, in my case, one of my Dobermans coexisted peacefully with a cat while the other did not.

It's true that socializing your dog with cats from a young age can make a big difference, but if you're introducing a cat to an older Doberman, it can be a bit more challenging. Older dogs can be set in their ways and may take longer to adjust to a new situation.

In my experience, positive reinforcement plays a major role in helping the dog to get along with your cat. Whenever the dog shows good behavior around the cat, reward them with treats or positive attention. This teaches them that being calm around the cat is good and not something that they need to be scared of.

Overall, I'd say introducing a Doberman to a cat takes time and patience but with a bit of effort on your part, it can work out positively. Just remember to take things gradually and to never leave your pets unsupervised until you are totally confident they can be trusted together without incident.


Hello, I have had a Doberman and three cats for the past 3 years. Initially, my Doberman was quite aggressive towards my cats, even though he was well socialized with other dogs. We made sure to introduce them gradually, and when the Doberman showed an interest in the cats, we would redirect his attention and offer treats for good behavior.

We also made sure to keep the cats safe by providing plenty of high up spaces for them to climb and hide, as well as baby gates to give them their own space. Furthermore, while the cats were around, we always kept our Doberman on a leash, until we were sure our pets were safe around each other.

Ultimately, with time and patience, my Doberman learned to coexist with the cats. Now they even eat and sleep together without any issues. However, I always keep a watchful eye on their interactions, just in case any undesirable behavior arises.

In conclusion, while introducing a Doberman to a cat can be challenging, it's possible with the right approach. It's important to remember that each pet is unique and may react differently. I hope my experience will be helpful to others looking to introduce their Doberman dogs to cats.


Hello, I have had experience with a Doberman and a cat and I can say that it is entirely possible for them to coexist peacefully. However, it took some time and effort to get there.

When we first introduced our Doberman to our cat, it was a bit of a rough start. Our Doberman was very curious and wanted to play with the cat, but the cat didn't like being chased or pounced on. We quickly realized that we needed to be patient and teach our Doberman how to interact with the cat in a calm and respectful way.

To do this, we provided our Doberman with a lot of exercise and playtime to help him burn off any excess energy. We also allowed him to sniff and interact with the cat while on a leash, so that the cat could feel safe and protected. Additionally, we had plenty of high up spaces in our home for the cat to escape to if she felt intimidated or uncomfortable.

Another great piece of advice we received was to get the Doberman to recognize the cat as part of the family by feeding them in the same room at the same time. This helped to create a positive association between the two animals and taught our Doberman to respect the cat's space.

Overall, with patience, consistent training and positive reinforcement, it is possible to have a Doberman and a cat coexisting peacefully. Just remember to be watchful and intervene if any undesirable behavior arises.


Hi there! I have experience with Dobermans and cats as I own a Doberman and a cat. In my personal experience, my dog and cat get along great! However, that being said, it really depends on the individual temperament of the dog and how they were raised. If the dog has been socialized properly with cats from a young age, they are more likely to get along with cats. Additionally, if the cat is not afraid of dogs and is able to stand its ground, it can help establish a positive relationship with the dog.

In terms of training, it's important to start with basic obedience training and establishing boundaries early on. It's also helpful to supervise interactions between the dog and cat and provide positive reinforcement for good behavior. It may take some time and patience, but with proper training and supervision, Dobermans can coexist peacefully with cats.

That being said, it's always important to remember that every dog and cat is unique and may react differently to each other. It's always best to introduce them slowly and carefully and monitor their interactions closely. I hope this helps!


Hi everyone! I also have personal experience with Doberman dogs and cats. When we first introduced our Doberman puppy to our two cats, he was very interested and wanted to play with them. However, being a puppy, he was quite rough and the cats didn't appreciate it.

As with the other responses, we knew we had to train our Doberman how to interact with the cats in a calm and respectful manner. We did this by first introducing them, while the puppy was on a leash or in a crate, so the cats felt safe. We also provided plenty of positive reinforcement when our Doberman was relaxed around the cats, by giving him treats and praise.

Additionally, much like the other responses, exercise for our Doberman was essential. A well-exercised Doberman is much more likely to be calm and relaxed around other animals. We would take our Doberman on long walks, runs, and playtime in the backyard, which helped to quell his energetic behavior.

It is also important to remember that the relationship between dogs and cats may take time to build. In our case, it took several months of supervised interactions and training to help our Doberman and cats coexist. They are now able to be in the same room together without any issues.

In conclusion, with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, it is possible for Doberman dogs and cats to coexist happily in the same household. Nonetheless, it’s also essential to provide a safe and stress-free environment for both pets, where they can feel comfortable and secure.

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