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How can I make sure my doberman puppy and my cats will have a good relationship and a bond which will last through the doberman's adulthood?

Hi everyone,

I recently got a Doberman puppy and I have two cats at home. I want to make sure that my puppy and cats have a good relationship and form a bond that will last through the Doberman's adulthood. I understand that Dobermans have a natural instinct to chase small animals, so I'm a bit worried about how my cats will react to the new addition to the family.

My cats are both indoor cats and have never interacted with a dog before. They are both very friendly and curious but can be a bit skittish around new things. I want to introduce them to the Doberman in the best possible way and make sure they feel safe and comfortable around him.

I'm also a first-time dog owner, so any tips on how to introduce my puppy to my cats and how to train him to coexist peacefully with them would be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure that my puppy grows up to be friendly towards my cats and that they can all live together in harmony.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!

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Hi there,

I had a similar experience when I got my Doberman puppy and I also had cats at home. The first thing I did was to introduce the puppy to the cats slowly and gradually. I kept them separate in different rooms and allowed the cats to sniff and get used to the puppy's scent. Once they were comfortable with the scent, I let them see each other from a safe distance.

One thing I found helpful was to make sure that the cats had plenty of escape routes and high places to perch on, so if they felt threatened they could easily get away. I also made sure to give them lots of attention and treats when they were around the puppy, so they associated him with positive experiences.

Another great tip is to train your puppy early on to be calm and gentle around the cats. Start by teaching him the "leave it" command and reward him when he obeys. This will help him learn not to chase or bark at the cats.

In my experience, it took some time for my Doberman puppy to get used to the cats and vice versa, but with patience and persistence, they eventually learned to live together peacefully. Now they are the best of friends and often cuddle up together. So don't worry, with the right approach, your puppy and cats can have a wonderful relationship that will last a lifetime.

Hope that helps!



I had a Doberman and two cats at the same time, and they all got along really well. When I first brought my Doberman home, my cats hid under the bed for a few hours, but after that, they were okay with her. No hissing or scratching.

The key to success was to introduce them slowly and supervise them carefully, especially at first. I kept my Doberman on a leash and allowed my cats to approach her on their own time. I also taught my Doberman how to behave correctly around cats since she was a puppy. I used positive reinforcement to praise her for not chasing or barking at them, and she learned pretty quickly.

I also made sure to give them each their own space, food bowls, and litter boxes in different parts of the house, where they wouldn't disturb each other. And when it was time to play, I made sure to supervise closely and break up any roughhousing. I also kept toys that didn't promote chasing or rough play, such as stuffed animals.

It was a process, but with patience and persistence, they formed a fantastic bond, and they would often play together and cuddle up. They even slept together at times. It was an incredible thing to see, and it provided a lot of happiness and love in my home.

In summary, introducing your Doberman puppy to your cats slowly, teaching your puppy to behave correctly, giving each pet their own space, and supervising playtime can help facilitate a happy and lasting relationship between your pets.

Best of luck in your journey!



I had a Doberman for years and when I brought my cats home, I wasn't quite sure how they were going to get along. However, right from the start, my Doberman was very curious and interested in the cats, but not aggressive or scared.

I didn't isolate them from the start as was recommended to you earlier. Instead, I closely supervised them and held the puppy on a leash. I allowed the cats to approach and sniff her, and if she got too excited or hyper, I would reel her back in.

As time progressed, the Doberman began to learn the cues of the cats and was able to sense when they wanted space. She also seemed to pick up on me when I would intervene when she was getting too excited and back off respectfully. As a result, the cats never seemed to feel threatened or scared of her.

I think the main key is good socialization and setting boundaries right from the start. Praise the Doberman for good behavior around the cats and be sure to reward her with positive reinforcement for behaving. If both the puppy and cats are trained properly, then there is no reason why they cannot coexist peacefully and even form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Hope that helps!



When I brought my Doberman puppy home, I was nervous about how she would get along with my cat. But to my surprise, they were curiously interested in each other from the start, and they hit it off almost immediately!

I think one thing that helped was that they were both young at the time. My cat was only two years old, and my Doberman puppy was just a few weeks old. This means that they were both still developing their social skills and would be more open to accepting each other.

Another thing that helped was to introduce them to each other in a neutral space, such as the living room, where no one felt territorial. I allowed my cat to approach and inspect the puppy while the puppy was in my arms. My Doberman puppy was calm and curious, and this made my cat more open to getting to know her.

I think socializing your Doberman from a young age is essential, especially if you have other pets in your home. Teaching your puppy to behave appropriately towards your cats can help them form a positive and lasting relationship.

In conclusion, introducing your Doberman puppy to your cat in a neutral space and socializing them from a young age can help them form a good relationship with each other. With the right approach and some patience, they can be best buddies for life!

Good luck!



I had a Doberman puppy and two cats at home, and they eventually formed a good relationship with time. However, there were a few rocky moments as my Doberman had a strong prey drive and initially chased the cats around.

One thing I found useful was to give the cats a high vantage point, such as a cat tree or shelf, where they could observe the puppy from a safe distance. They were also able to set their boundaries and make themselves scarce whenever they felt uncomfortable. This helped them feel more at ease whenever the puppy was around.

I also did some training with my Doberman early on to teach her not to chase or bark at the cats. We started with simple commands like "leave it" and "stay," and gradually progressed to more complex ones. Training helped her understand her role in the family and instilled good behavior towards other animals.

Another way to facilitate a good relationship is to provide plenty of positive reinforcement. Whenever my Doberman was calm and gentle around the cats, I would reward her with treats and praise. Over time, this became her default behavior, and she learned to coexist peacefully with the cats.

In conclusion, a successful relationship between a Doberman puppy and cats requires patience, training, and positive reinforcement. By making sure both animals feel safe and respected, you can help foster a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Good luck with your furry friends!



I have a Doberman puppy, and I was also worried about how they would get along with my cats. I have two cats that I had already been with me for a couple of years. At first, my cats had a little trouble getting used to my Doberman puppy.

What worked well for me was to give each pet their own space for when they needed it. I allowed my cats to have a private room and their food and litter boxes there. I also kept my Doberman's area separate from theirs. As my cats felt more comfortable, they would eventually venture out more and get used to the puppy's presence.

I find it helpful to supervise anytime they were in the same room. This allowed me to intervene if I felt either of them was uncomfortable or getting agitated. I also made using a leash a habit for a few weeks, while in the same room, as it was the easiest way to have my puppy under control.

Another thing that helped me is training my Doberman constantly. I used positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, and this helped her understand which actions were desirable and which weren't. With time, my Doberman stopped chasing the cats and would often be playful with them.

In summary, creating clear boundaries and providing your pets with individual spaces while supervising their interactions can help facilitate a lasting relationship. Combine that with positive reinforcement and adequate training for your Doberman, and you'll have a great dynamic between your Doberman and your cats.

Good luck!

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