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How could I go about bringing a rescued Doberman indoors after being found left in the cold for days at a time with a subpar shelter?

Hi everyone,

I recently rescued a Doberman who was left outside in the cold for days at a time with a subpar shelter. I'm not exactly sure how to go about bringing him indoors and making him feel comfortable in his new environment.

I want to make sure I'm doing everything right so that he feels safe and loved. Are there any tips or suggestions you could provide on how to make the transition easier? Any advice on how to help him adjust to being an indoor dog?

I've never rescued a dog before, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

I've been in a similar situation before and I understand how overwhelming it can be to bring a rescued Doberman indoors. The first thing I would suggest is to give him his own space, possibly a crate or a designated area in your home where he can feel safe and secure. This will also help with house training and keeping him out of trouble while you're not home.

Secondly, be patient and understanding. A rescued dog may take some time to adjust to their new surroundings, especially if they've been through a traumatic experience. Give him time to explore and get comfortable with his new environment. It's important to establish routines and boundaries early on so that he knows what's expected of him.

Lastly, show him lots of love and attention. A rescued dog may have trust issues or anxiety, so it's important to provide a nurturing environment. Spend time with him, take him on walks and give him plenty of positive reinforcement. With patience and time, your Doberman will adjust to his new home and become a beloved member of your family.

I hope that helps! Best of luck to you and your new furry friend.



I've never rescued a Doberman before, but I have rescued other dogs and helped them adjust to a new home. One thing that has worked well for me is to create a consistent routine to help the dog feel more comfortable and secure. This includes feeding times, exercise times, and designated times for play or cuddles.

In addition to establishing a routine, I've found it helpful to gradually introduce the dog to new people, places, and experiences. This can be overwhelming for a rescued dog and it's important to take it slow and let them adjust at their own pace.

It's also important to remember that rescued dogs may come with some behavioral issues or trauma that can take time to work through. It's important to be patient and understanding, and to seek professional help if needed.

Lastly, I would recommend investing in some interactive toys for your Doberman to keep them mentally stimulated and engaged. This can help prevent destructive behavior and provide a fun outlet for their energy.

I wish you the best of luck in bringing your rescued Doberman indoors and helping him adjust. Remember, patience, consistency and love can go a long way.


Hi there,

Congratulations on rescuing your Doberman! One thing that has worked well for me when bringing a rescued dog indoors is to provide plenty of positive reinforcement. This means rewarding good behavior with treats, praise, and attention.

It's also important to establish yourself as the pack leader early on, through consistent training and assertive body language. This can help your Doberman feel more secure and know what's expected of him.

Another tip I would recommend is to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for your Doberman. This can include a cozy bed, calming music, and plenty of natural light. Creating a comfortable space can help your dog feel more at ease and reduce any anxiety or stress.

Lastly, I would recommend socializing your Doberman with other dogs and humans early on. Socialization can help prevent future behavioral issues and make your Doberman more well-adjusted and confident.

I hope these tips help you make the transition as smooth as possible for your rescued Doberman. Best of luck to you both!



I’m a little late in sharing my thoughts, but I hope this helps.

In addition to everything that has been suggested so far, I would highly recommend giving your Doberman lots of playtime, especially interactive playtime. Dobermans are smart and active dogs, so involving them in play that requires both physical and mental effort can keep their minds engaged and active, which can help with their adjustment to a new environment.

I would also suggest focusing on building a bond with your dog through daily interaction, affection and attention. It can be something as simple as talking to him or scratching where he likes it the most. Dobermans can be highly loyal and protective, and connecting with him can help him feel more at home under your care.

Another thing that worked well for me in the past is to give your dog uninterrupted rest or alone time if they prefer it. This gives them the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate which is essential for their overall health and well-being.

Lastly, I would recommend consulting with a veterinarian or a trainer, who may suggest specific actions based on your Doberman's personality and tendencies. Being flexible and responsive to their behavior is critical in helping them adapt to their new home.

I hope these tips help you and your new rescued Doberman as you embark on your adventure together. Best of luck to you both!


Hello everyone,

I rescued a Doberman a few years ago and I agree with everything that has been suggested so far. One thing that really helped my Doberman adjust was offering him plenty of positive reinforcement and consistency.

One of the things that helped us was creating a set routine for our Doberman. For example, we always took him out at the same time every day, fed him at consistent times, and scheduled walks or playtime around these routines. This helped him become comfortable with his new home and gave him a clear idea of what to expect.

Another thing that we did was to create a safe and comfortable space for him that was just for him. This was a cozy bed, in a quiet area, where he could relax and unwind when he needed to. It's essential to provide something like this to your Doberman.

Building a bond with our Doberman and showing him lots of love and attention was also very important. When he was good, we gave him treats and made sure to praise him whenever he did something right. This helped him learn quickly and reinforced positive behavior.

Overall, it's important to be patient, consistent and loving with your Doberman. With some time, he'll adjust to his new home and become a wonderful addition to your family.

Good luck with your new rescue, I hope this helps!


Hello there,

I've also rescued a Doberman in the past and can understand how daunting the task of bringing him indoors can be. One thing that has worked well for me is to provide plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation for your Doberman.

Dobermans are an active breed and require lots of exercise and playtime to stay happy and healthy. Providing plenty of outdoor space and taking him on long walks or runs can help him release pent-up energy and reduce destructive behavior.

In addition to physical exercise, mental stimulation is important for a Doberman's well-being. This can include puzzle toys, training games, and even obedience classes. Providing mental stimulation can help prevent boredom and keep your Doberman's mind sharp.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Dobermans can be prone to separation anxiety. It's important to gradually introduce your Doberman to alone time by leaving for short periods and gradually increasing the time you're away. This can help prevent separation anxiety and make it easier for you to leave your Doberman alone when needed.

Lastly, it's important to establish a trusting relationship with your Doberman through consistent training, positive reinforcement, and plenty of love and attention. With patience and time, your rescued Doberman can become a wonderful companion and a beloved member of your family.

Good luck with your new furry friend and congratulations on rescuing him!

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