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How does a Doberman react to intruders?

Hi, I am thinking about getting a Doberman as a guard dog for my home. I live in a city where there have been a few burglaries in my neighborhood recently, and I want to make sure my home is safe. I have heard that Dobermans are protective of their owners and territory, but I am not sure how they react to intruders. Do they become aggressive or just bark? Will they attack if they sense danger? I don't want a dog that will harm someone, but I also want one that will deter any potential intruders. Can someone with experience with Dobermans provide some insight into how they react to intruders? Thank you!

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Hello everyone, I have owned Dobermans for many years and can testify that they are indeed great guard dogs. They are naturally protective of their owners, and will do anything to keep them safe. However, it's important to note that Dobermans can also be very sensitive to their owner's moods and emotions.

In my experience, my Doberman would become very protective whenever he sensed that I was afraid or anxious. For instance, when someone strange approached me, he would become even more defensive and would bark loudly to warn the stranger away.

One thing I have found with Dobermans is they are extremely loyal to their owners, and will do anything to please them. Whenever mine sensed a threat, he would not hesitate to intervene, whether it's to investigate or to protect me. However, they also have to be trained on how to react to potential intruders in a particular way, so they don't become overly aggressive.

In summary, Dobermans are loyal and highly protective dogs with a strong natural guarding instinct. However, it's crucial to give them proper training and socialization to ensure their behavior is controlled and safe. This way, they can be excellent guard dogs while still being friendly and loving pets.


Hi there, I have owned Dobermans for several years and can say they are excellent guard dogs. They are known to be intelligent, loyal, and protective of their owners, and mine is no exception.

Whenever someone comes to the door, he'll start barking and growling to let me know that someone is there. But once he's familiar with the person, he's very friendly and affectionate. It's important to socialize them early on so that they can differentiate between people who are welcomed and those who aren't.

I've never seen my Doberman attack anyone, but he is intimidating enough to scare off potential intruders. They are vigilant dogs and often notice things that may seem trivial to us, such as unusual noises or smells.

In terms of training, I would say it's crucial to establish trust between you and your Doberman. They are naturally protective, but you need to show them that they can rely on you to take care of them. This means reinforcing good behavior and setting clear boundaries when necessary.

Overall, I think Dobermans make excellent guard dogs, but they require time, effort, and commitment. You must make sure they have plenty of opportunities to socialize, play, and exercise, so they stay happy and healthy. With proper training and socialization, Dobermans can be loyal and protective pets that you can count on to keep you and your home safe.


Hello everyone, I've owned a Doberman for several years now and can attest to their effectiveness as guard dogs. They are smart, loyal, and very protective of their owners, and their instinct to guard and protect is incredibly strong.

Whenever there's a suspicious activity in my house or someone unfamiliar comes around, my Doberman will stand guard and bark loudly. It's impressive to see how he springs into action when he senses danger, and he will not back down until the threat has been dealt with.

But like others have noted, it's important to train your dog properly to ensure their behavior is always in control. Although their guarding instinct is natural, they still need to be taught when it's appropriate to stand down and when to proceed.

It's also vital to note that Dobermans should not be used solely as guard dogs - they need love and affection from their owners just like any other dog. They should also be socialized early on so that they can differentiate between friends and potential threats.

In conclusion, I believe Dobermans are excellent guard dogs due to their natural guarding instinct and loyalty to their owners. Still, it's essential to train and socialize them appropriately to ensure their behavior around strangers is safe and under control.


Hi, I've had a Doberman for about five years now, and I have to say, she is a fantastic guard dog. Whenever someone comes to the door or walks by the yard, she barks ferociously and stands at attention, making it clear that this is her territory. I've never seen her attack anyone, but she seems very intimidating, which I think is a good thing.

That being said, I have trained her extensively to only go so far. She barks loud and proud, but will calm down and even make friends with people once they are allowed into the home. Once she gets to know someone, she's very friendly and even affectionate.

So, I would say that a Doberman can definitely be a great deterrent to potential intruders, but you need to make sure to establish boundaries and train them to respond appropriately. With proper training, they can be very effective guard dogs without being overly aggressive.


Hello there! I have a one-year-old Doberman, and I can say that she's an excellent protector. Whenever someone comes to our door, she barks and growls with the intention to scare off the visitors. But so far, she hasn't bitten anyone, and I hope she never will.

I think it's all about how you train your dog. We've socialized our dog since the day we brought her home. We've taken her to puppy playtime, obedience classes, and walks around the neighborhood. This way, she's grown up knowing how to act around humans and other animals.

I do think that it's essential to have a well-trained and well-socialized Doberman if you plan on having them as a guard dog. It's a substantial responsibility to have a big dog that potentially has the capability to do harm.


Hello everyone, I've owned Dobermans for over ten years and can attest that they are great guard dogs. They are intelligent and very observant, often picking up on subtle cues and changes in their environment that can signal a potential threat.

However, I must also caution that, as with any breed, there are individual differences in temperament that might affect their response to intruders. For example, some Dobermans might be more laidback, while others might have a stronger instinct and inclination to chase and bark loudly.

Overall, when it comes to intruders, the reaction of a Doberman depends on the dog's training and socialization. We trained our Doberman to bark when he wants to get our attention, and also trained him to follow basic commands such as come, stay, and heel, among others. With patience and consistency, we were able to teach him that barking and following commands were in his best interest.

In summary, Dobermans are generally excellent guard dogs that can easily intimidate intruders. Still, each dog is unique, and owners must be prepared to put in the time and effort to train and socialize their dogs appropriately. The result can be a happy, well-behaved, and protective companion.


Hello everyone, I have owned Dobermans for many years and can confidently say that they do indeed make great guard dogs. They are a very loyal breed and have a strong desire to protect their owners and their territory.

However, I do want to emphasize that owning a Doberman comes with a lot of responsibilities. They require a lot of exercise and training to keep them happy and healthy. Also, as a large dog breed, they need plenty of space to roam around.

As for how Dobermans react to intruders, it varies from dog to dog. Some may just bark to alert their owners of the intruders' presence, while others may become aggressive and attack. That's why proper training and socialization is essential.

In my experience, Dobermans are more likely to bark and intimidate intruders than to attack them. It's important to let them know when it's okay to be protective and when they should settle down. With proper training and socialization, they can become excellent guard dogs that will make your home a safer place.


Hello, I have had a Doberman for several years, and I can honestly say that they are one of the best guard dogs you can have. They are very attentive and protective of their owners and territory. However, they can also be gentle and loving pets once they get to know and trust an individual.

In terms of how they react to intruders, they have a very sharp sense of hearing and smell, which makes them alert to unfamiliar sounds and scents. Most Dobermans will typically get alerted and start barking once they hear or smell something unfamiliar. The key to training is to reinforce this behavior by rewarding them when they bark at the right time.

It's important to recognize that owning a Doberman as a guard dog requires commitment and responsibility. You must spend time training and socializing them properly. I highly recommend enrolling them in obedience classes, as it will ensure that they receive appropriate socialization, and also be an exciting and fun experience for the dog.

In conclusion, Dobermans can be highly effective guard dogs that will deter any potential intruders, but only when trained and socialized correctly.

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