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I would like to get a Doberman Pinscher. How can I get around having one since most apartments view them as aggressive breeds?

Hi everyone,

I have been researching for months now about Doberman Pinschers and I have fallen in love with the breed. They are loyal, intelligent, and great protectors which is why I would like to get one as a pet. However, I am struggling to find apartment complexes that allow this breed.

I have looked into various apartment complexes in my area but most of them have restrictions on owning aggressive breeds, which unfortunately includes Dobermans. I understand that some people do consider them to be aggressive, but I have done my research and I believe that with proper training and socialization, Dobermans can be gentle and obedient.

I am hoping someone can offer me any advice or tips on how to find an apartment complex that will allow me to keep a Doberman as a pet. Perhaps there are certain areas or neighborhoods in my city where this breed is more accepted? Or maybe there are certain training programs that can help me demonstrate that my Doberman will be a friendly and well-behaved pet?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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I encountered a similar problem when trying to adopt a Doberman Pinscher a while back. The few apartments that did allow pets restricted certain breeds, and Doberman Pinschers were unfortunately blacklisted.

After much online research, I discovered that some organizations offer programs in which you can have your dog certified as a “Canine Good Citizen,” which is a recognized title by the American Kennel Club. This certification proves that the dog has demonstrated responsible pet ownership, solid temperament, obedience, and good behavior. Many apartment complexes that prohibit high-energy breeds, like Doberman Pinschers, may accept certified "Canine Good Citizen" dogs.

In my case, I signed my dog up for obedience training classes to acquire basic skills such as fetching, coming when called, and staying on the leash. Later, I took the CGC test, and my dog passed with flying colors. I provided documentation of the accomplishment to my apartment, and they made an exemption.

Therefore, I would recommend enrolling in obedience classes and obtaining the CGC certification if you're unable to locate an apartment that allows Doberman Pinschers. It can benefit both you and your pup while bypassing apartment obstacles.


Hello there,

I can resonate with your desire to adopt a Doberman Pinscher despite facing complications due to breed restrictions in your apartment complex.

In addition to the other helpful tips shared, I want to shed light on the essential consideration of preparing your apartment for a Doberman Pinscher. Firstly, Dobermans are medium-large sized dogs that can get destructive when bored or anxious. Therefore, it's crucial to establish a dog-friendly space in your apartment.

One of the significant ways I prepared my apartment was by giving my Doberman Pinscher a designated space to stay when I wasn't around. I invested in a comfortable dog bed in the bedroom which helped familiarize him with that area. Additionally, I placed toys and chews in his area for entertainment.

Next, I stored breakables and items hazardous to dogs (like shoes, electronics, or cleaning products) in places the dog could not reach. I found it convenient to keep all my valuable items above waist level or inside secured cabinets.

Another crucial consideration was providing consistent positive reinforcement for good behavior. Doberman Pinschers respond well to reward-based training, so I used treats, praise, and games to teach him new commands, like "stay" or "come."

Finally, I found it helpful to anticipate my dog's needs and fulfill them when possible. Regular feeding, walking, playtime, and grooming routines helped him feel grounded and at ease in our apartment.

In conclusion, the above tips helped me integrate my Doberman Pinscher into my apartment successfully. With some planning, effort and patience, I'm optimistic that you can make your apartment suitable for your lovable dog.


Hi there,

I was in a similar situation when trying to adopt my Doberman Pinscher earlier this year. I live in an apartment complex that has breed restrictions, and Doberman Pinschers are one of the banned breeds.

My first step was to reach out to different apartment managers and inquire about their policies. Some managers suggested obtaining a letter from the veterinarian stating that the dog is in good health and poses no threat to anyone. However, most still denied my application.

The next step was to show proof of renter's insurance that covers dogs. Specifically, I had to provide a copy of my renter's insurance policy that has liability coverage for my dog. Several managers were a bit more open to my application after seeing that documentation.

I would also recommend offering to pay an additional pet fee or deposit. Some managers may be willing to make an exception if you pay extra for your pet. Of course, this varies by complex.

Overall, be transparent with your complex manager, and provide evidence to show that you can be a responsible pet owner. With some hard work and a bit of reshuffling, it may be possible to adopt a Doberman Pinscher even in a complex with breed restrictions.

Good luck!


Hey there,

I can relate to the difficulties of finding an apartment that would allow a Doberman Pinscher. In my experience, the greatest hurdle I experienced in acquiring an apartment was the stringent pet policies of most apartment complexes. Dobermans are friendly dogs and admired for their intelligence and protection instincts, but the breed has an unfair reputation for being aggressive or destructive.

What helped me is looking at other flexible housing options like townhouses or mobile homes. I found that such housing options are more accommodating than apartments. Most landlords there placed fewer restrictions and were more open to the idea of Doberman Pinschers.

While browsing through potential living locations, I prioritized ones with spacious backyards, safe playing areas for dogs, and walking trails. These features are crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment for Dobermans. The increased space also enabled me to have a more comfortable and less congested life, something that would have been challenging to sustain in an apartment.

Another beneficial thing to keep in mind when searching for housing is setting realistic expectations. It may take longer than anticipated to find your ideal choice of living spaces, which is why you should keep an open mind when considering alternative options.

In summary, reach out to housing options outside apartments, never lose sight of viable possibilities, and consider an area that accommodates your dog's well-being best.


Hey there!

I completely understand your dilemma because I was in the same situation a few months ago. I desperately wanted a Doberman, but my apartment complex had restrictions on owning aggressive breeds. I scoured the internet for tips and tricks, but it seemed like there was no way around it.

However, after speaking with a few apartment managers, I learned that some complexes are willing to make exceptions if you can demonstrate that your Doberman is well-trained and obedient. My apartment manager allowed me to keep my Doberman once I enrolled her in an obedience training program, and she passed with flying colors.

So, my recommendation would be to look for an apartment complex that allows pets and has an exception process for breeds viewed as aggressive. Then, enroll your Doberman in an obedience training program to ensure that you can demonstrate that they are well-trained and obedient. This should increase your chances of being able to keep a Doberman in your apartment complex.

Best of luck!


Hello everyone,

I can entirely relate to the predicament of wanting to adopt a Doberman Pinscher while facing difficulties due to breed-specific restrictions at apartments. I faced a similar problem a few years ago. In my case, I found that some apartment managers had flexible canine breed policies, while others had a strict "no-exceptions" approach.

My first tactic was to communicate directly with apartments' landlords or managers. I highlighted my experience with dogs and explained my knowledge of responsible pet ownership. I offered to send pictures of me and some well-behaved dogs I owned in the past, to display my ability as a responsible dog owner.

I also confirmed my financial stability and my capability of paying extra for my pet as a negotiation method. Additionally, I ensured that my dog had proof of obedience training and was up-to-date with all vaccinations.

Another approach I found effective was to contact the local Doberman Pinscher Club to inquire about any breed-considerate apartments in the neighborhood. Several times, they guided me to apartments with more flexible policies.

Finally, I discovered the most efficient method was accessing private landlords rather than corporate apartments. Private landlords were more flexible in terms of breed restrictions and allowed me to adopt my lovable Doberman Pinscher.

In conclusion, finding breed-friendly complexes for Doberman Pinschers takes effort and perseverance. With a little creativity, I was able to adopt my fur pal comfortably. Good luck!



I can definitely understand the struggle of wanting a Doberman Pinscher while living in an apartment complex that places breed restrictions. When I was searching for apartments, I came across several that didn't allow "aggressive" breeds, just like to ones you're describing. But, fortunately, I was able to find a complex that was open to Doberman Pinschers with the help of these tips.

Firstly, I had straight forward communication with my apartment manager. I showed them that I'm knowledgeable about the breed's training and behavior. Secondly, I got in touch with Doberman breed-specific rescues and explained my situation. A few offered assistance in finding an apartment complex or a landlord that would be more open to Doberman Pinschers as pets. They proffered previous positive results of similar efforts in their experience. It’s worth a try!

Finally, I understood that proper exercise is fundamental for this breed. So, I ensured that the complex's neighborhood was in a dog-friendly area with space and ample opportunity for my pet to run around and stay tired. This was particularly important because bored Doberman Pinschers can become destructive, which could put my tenancy in jeopardy.

With these steps, I was successful in finding an apartment that was willing to make an exception to their breed restriction. So, don't give up! With some research and communication, you may be able to find a complex that will let you share your home with an adorable Doberman Pinscher.


Hi everyone,

I have faced a similar challenge of adopting a Doberman Pinscher in the past. One thing I had to take into consideration was my fur baby’s exercise needs, especially since I lived in an apartment with breed restrictions. Dobermans are high-energy dogs that require significant daily exercise to remain balanced.

Living in an apartment means limited outdoor space, and finding time for your dog to run around daily can be challenging. Therefore, I decided to incorporate various activities into my schedule to ensure that my dog received adequate exercise.

I engaged in activities such as daily walks, hiking, jogging, playing with fetch toys and ropes, and joining local dogs' social groups. I found these activities allowed my Doberman Pinscher to maintain her energy levels and also socialize with others. She also grew fond of them.

Suppose you're unable to provide a dog running space frequently, collaborating with dog walking companies can assist in exercise areas. They can take your Doberman Pinscher out daily for an appropriate amount of time and help maintain their overall physical health.

Regular physical activities have several advantages, such as reducing your pet's stress levels, eliminating their boredom, and improving your bond with them. With these tips, you can maintain your Doberman Pinscher's energy and provide adequate exercise, even while living in an apartment with breed restrictions.

I hope this helps.

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