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I would love to have a Doberman Pinscher and make a companion dog out of it. Is it possible?

Hey guys!

I am a huge dog lover and have been considering getting a pet Doberman Pinscher for quite some time now. However, I am a little hesitant since I have heard that this breed can be aggressive and difficult to train.

My main goal is to have a loyal and loving companion by my side, and I wonder if it is possible to train a Doberman Pinscher to become just that. I have always been fascinated by their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty, and I think they would make an amazing pet if trained properly.

So, my question is, can a Doberman Pinscher be trained to be a loving companion dog, or is their nature too aggressive to make it possible? Any tips or advice on how to train this breed would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

I understand your concerns about Doberman Pinschers, as they do have a reputation for being aggressive. However, I can personally attest that with proper training and socialization, these dogs can make amazing companion pets.

I adopted a Doberman Pinscher five years ago, and he has been the most loyal, affectionate, and obedient dog I have ever had. Initially, I was worried about his aggression because I had heard stories of Dobermans attacking other animals and even people. However, I enrolled him in obedience training and socialization classes, and he quickly learned how to behave appropriately around other dogs and people.

I think the key to making a Doberman Pinscher a loving companion is to start training and socializing them from a young age. They are very intelligent and learn quickly, so consistent training and positive reinforcement will go a long way. They also need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, as they have a lot of energy and intelligence to burn.

In summary, I believe that Doberman Pinschers can make great companion pets if trained and socialized properly. Don't let their reputation scare you off from considering this amazing breed!


Hi all,

I have never owned a Doberman Pinscher, but I have had interactions with them through my friends and their dogs. While they can make great companion pets, I want to add that they are not suitable for everyone and require a specific type of owner.

Doberman Pinschers are a high-energy breed that thrives on mental and physical stimulation. They need daily exercise and plenty of attention to prevent behavioral problems. They also can be quite protective of their family and may require socialization with other dogs and people to prevent aggression.

Moreover, Doberman Pinschers can be prone to certain health issues, including hip dysplasia and heart disease. It's essential to be prepared for the potential health problems that may come with owning a Doberman Pinscher and to have the financial resources to provide proper care.

In summary, while Doberman Pinschers can make loyal and loving companions, they require a specific type of owner who can provide them with the attention, exercise, and training they need. It's important to do your research and carefully consider whether a Doberman Pinscher is the right breed for you before bringing one into your home.



I also agree that Doberman Pinschers can be loving and loyal companions with proper training and socialization. However, I do want to add that they are not the easiest breed to train and require a lot of patience and consistency.

I adopted a Doberman Pinscher from a shelter about two years ago, and while he has become a wonderful companion, it was a challenging journey. He had a lot of behavioral issues when I first brought him home, such as biting and excessive barking, and it took a lot of work to overcome them.

I had to hire a professional dog trainer and commit to consistent training sessions with my dog every week. It was not cheap, and it took a lot of time and dedication, but it was worth it in the end. My Doberman Pinscher is now a much happier and well-behaved dog, and our bond is stronger than ever.

So yes, Doberman Pinschers can make great companion pets, but I just want to stress that it takes a lot of work and dedication to get there. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will be rewarded with a loving and loyal companion.


Hi there,

I have also owned a Doberman Pinscher, and I completely agree with the importance of finding a reputable breeder. However, I also want to mention that Doberman Pinschers require a lot of exercise and stimulation to prevent them from becoming anxious or aggressive.

When I first adopted my Doberman Pinscher, I underestimated how much exercise he needed and how quickly he became bored without proper mental stimulation. As a result, he became very destructive and even aggressive towards other dogs and people.

I quickly learned that regular exercise and mental stimulation were critical to maintaining his good behavior, so I started taking him on long walks and hikes every day and providing him with plenty of interactive toys and puzzles to keep his mind stimulated.

I also found that agility training was a great way to bond with my Doberman Pinscher while giving him the physical and mental challenge he needed. He loved the challenge of navigating the obstacles and performing tricks, and I loved seeing him happy and fulfilled.

In conclusion, while finding a reputable breeder is essential when considering a Doberman Pinscher as a companion pet, it's also important to be prepared for their high energy level and exercise needs. With proper training, socialization, and exercise, they can make loving and loyal companions.



I have had the pleasure of owning two Doberman Pinschers throughout my life, and both of them have been wonderful companion pets. However, I want to emphasize the importance of finding a reputable breeder when looking to bring one of these dogs into your home.

Doberman Pinschers from backyard breeders or puppy mills may have a higher likelihood of aggressive tendencies or health problems. It's essential to do your research and find a breeder that prioritizes the health and temperament of their dogs.

My first Doberman Pinscher was from a backyard breeder, and he had many behavioral problems that were difficult to overcome despite consistent training and socialization. My second Doberman Pinscher was from a reputable breeder who prioritized the health and temperament of their dogs, and she has been an absolute joy to own.

In addition to finding a reputable breeder, socialization and training are key to having a well-behaved and loving Doberman Pinscher companion. They thrive on attention and companionship, and with proper care and training, they can make a wonderful addition to any family.

Overall, I highly recommend considering a Doberman Pinscher as a companion pet, but make sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder to ensure a healthy and well-tempered dog.

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