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Is canine creek good for my Doberman pup?

Hey everyone,

I recently adopted a Doberman pup and I am in search of a good quality dog food that will meet his nutritional needs. I have come across Canine Creek and I am curious to know if it is a good option for my little furry friend.

Have any of you tried this brand for your Doberman or any other breed? How did it work out for your dog? I want to ensure that my pup gets all the essential nutrients he needs for strong bones, healthy skin, and a shiny coat.

Thank you in advance for any advice or recommendations you can provide.

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Hi all,

I have not personally used Canine Creek for my dog, but I have heard of some mixed reviews from fellow pet parents. Some have had great experiences with it, while a few others have reported some issues with their dogs, such as allergic reactions, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Of course, every dog's dietary requirements and sensitivities are different, so just because it didn't work for one dog doesn't mean it won't be a good fit for yours. However, I wanted to share this to ensure that pet owners do their research and take their time to find the right food for their four-legged friends.

It's always better to consult with your vet, read the ingredient list, and do some research on the brand before making a final decision. With so many dog food options available in the market, there is bound to be one that works well for you and your pet.


Hey there!

I have been using Canine Creek for my German Shepherd for the past year and a half and I must say, it has been amazing for him. He has a very sensitive stomach and we struggled with finding the right food for him in the past, but since we switched to Canine Creek, he has had no digestive issues.

His coat has been shiny and healthy, and he has maintained a good weight. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a high-quality dog food that provides all the necessary nutrients for their furry friend. My personal experience with it has been great and I would definitely continue using it for my dog.

Hope this helps!


Hello there!

I use Canine Creek for my Doberman and so far, it has been a good choice. Although, I must say that I initially had difficulty getting her to like it. At first, she barely touched it, and I was worried that I wasted my money on something she wouldn't eat.

But after a few tries, she eventually started to eat it and has been doing well on it ever since. Her coat looks good and she has not had any digestive issues, so I'm happy with it. However, I can't speak on its efficacy in meeting the nutritional needs of every dog.

Overall, it is a decent dog food choice based on my personal experience but it may require some extra effort in getting your dog to eat it.



I have been feeding my Labrador Retriever Canine Creek for about six months now and so far, she has been doing well on it. One of the things I appreciate about it is that it is made with high-quality ingredients and has no fillers or artificial preservatives.

Another thing I noticed is that it seems to be more filling than her previous dog food brand- she seems satisfied with smaller portions. Her energy levels have been good, and she maintains a healthy weight. Also, there are a variety of flavors to choose from, which is nice when my dog gets bored of the same thing.

In all, I think it is a good option for pet parents who are looking for a high-quality dog food that will meet their dog's nutritional requirements. Overall, I have had a pleasant experience with Canine Creek and would be repurchasing it.

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