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Is it fine to have a Doberman as a pet when you have kids at home?

Hi everyone,

I'm a parent of two young children and I'm considering getting a Doberman as a pet. I've always loved the breed and their protective nature, but I'm concerned about their behavior around kids. I've heard mixed opinions about whether or not they are suitable for families with children, so I wanted to hear from other parents who have experience with Dobermans.

My children are ages 5 and 7 and they are very active. We have a large backyard where they love to play and we enjoy going on family walks in our neighborhood. I have researched the breed and I understand that they require plenty of exercise and socialization to prevent any aggressive tendencies. But even with proper training, are they still a safe choice for families with kids?

I would really appreciate any advice or personal experiences from Doberman owners who also have children. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there!

I have a Doberman and two children ages 3 and 9. We got our Doberman as a puppy and made sure to socialize her with children and other dogs from a young age. She has been wonderful with our kids and they adore her. Our Doberman is very protective of our family and home, but has never shown any aggression towards our children or their friends. However, we always make sure to supervise any interactions between them, just to be safe.

One thing to note is that Dobermans have a lot of energy and require plenty of exercise. We take our Doberman on walks, runs, and to the dog park regularly to help burn off her energy. She also loves to play in our backyard with the kids. Training is also important for any breed, especially Dobermans, to ensure they know how to behave around children and other people.

Overall, I think a Doberman can make a great family pet as long as they are socialized, trained, and given plenty of exercise. But like with any dog, it's important to always supervise interactions with children to ensure their safety.


Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my experience with owning a Doberman as a family pet. We got our Doberman as a puppy when our children were ages 6 and 9. Our dog had a wonderful temperament and was well-behaved around our kids. He loved to play with them in our backyard and was very gentle with them.

However, we did face a few challenges with our Doberman's energy level. He required a lot of exercise and attention, which was difficult for us to maintain due to our busy schedules. Additionally, we found that our Doberman had a tendency to be possessive of food and toys, which required some additional training to overcome.

Overall, we found that owning a Doberman required a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it. Our dog was a wonderful companion and provided us with many fond memories. We would definitely recommend a Doberman for families who have the time and energy to dedicate to training, socialization, and exercise.

Nonetheless, I would like to caution that Dobermans, like any breed, can have unique personalities and behaviors, and it's important to ensure that you are prepared for the responsibilities of dog ownership, especially with children in the home. If you're considering a Doberman, I'd highly recommend speaking with other owners and professionals to get a better sense of the breed and what it entails.


Hello there,

I want to share my experience as a parent of young children with a Doberman. We got our Doberman when she was a year old and already had some behavioral issues due to lack of proper socialization. While she was generally well-behaved around our older family members, she didn't take well to our young children initially.

We enlisted the help of a professional dog trainer and it made all the difference. Our Doberman learned how to behave appropriately around our kids and now absolutely loves them. However, we still remain cautious and supervise interactions between the kids and the dog at all times.

One thing to note about Dobermans, which others have mentioned, is that they require a lot of exercise and activity. We take our Doberman out for runs and play with her in our backyard on a daily basis. We also give her plenty of mental stimulation with interactive toys and games.

In conclusion, I would say that a Doberman can be a great pet for families with kids, but it requires effort and patience to properly train and socialize them, especially if they are adopted as adults or have behavioral issues. If you're willing to put in the extra work, a Doberman can be a loyal and loving companion for your family. But, ultimately, it's important to assess if the breed is a good fit for your family's lifestyle and needs.



As a parent of two teenagers and a Doberman owner, I can personally attest to the breed's suitability as a family pet. Our Doberman is three years old and has been with us since she was a puppy. Despite her size and intimidating appearance, our Doberman is extremely affectionate and gentle with our kids. She's always been loving and protective of our family, but also very respectful of our children's boundaries.

However, I do want to emphasize the importance of proper training and socialization for Dobermans. It's important to teach your dog good manners and basic commands, so they know how to behave around children and visitors. We also took our Doberman to obedience classes and made sure she had plenty of opportunities to socialize with other dogs and children.

Exercise is also important for Dobermans. They have a lot of energy and need plenty of daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. We take our Doberman on walks, runs, and play fetch in the backyard to help her release her energy.

Overall, I believe that Dobermans can make excellent family pets, but it's important to ensure they receive proper training, socialization, and exercise. If you're willing to put in the time and effort to properly train and care for your dog, the breed can be a wonderful addition to your family.

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