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Is it too much to expect a little emotion and loyalty from a 6-month Doberman pup who's been with us for a month?

Hi everyone,

I recently adopted a 6-month-old Doberman puppy and it has been with us for a month now. I've been doing my best to train the pup and provide all the necessary care, including feeding it well, taking it for walks and playing with it regularly.

However, I feel like the Doberman pup is lacking in showing emotions and loyalty towards me. Even though I try to interact with it as much as possible, it seems like the pup doesn't respond to me as much as I'd like it to.

So, my question is, is it normal for a 6-month-old Doberman pup to not show much emotion and loyalty towards its owner? Or am I doing something wrong? I understand that building a strong bond takes time, but I was hoping to see some progress by now.

Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I too have had a similar experience with my Doberman puppy. It took a while for my pup to warm up to me and show emotion and loyalty. However, once he started feeling more comfortable around me, he began showing more of his personality.

For me, one of the biggest things that helped in building a bond with my puppy was giving him attention and affection. As Dobermans are very intelligent and sensitive dogs, they can detect feelings and emotions very quickly. So, by giving my pup love and attention, he started responding to me better and became more affectionate.

Another thing that worked for me was spending more time playing and exercising with my puppy. Dobermans are high-energy dogs, and a lack of exercise can contribute to anxious and unresponsive behavior. By playing and exercising, I was able to improve my pup's mood and help him bond with me.

Lastly, I also found that consistency in my training played a vital role in building a relationship with my puppy. By setting boundaries and following through on obedience training, I was able to establish myself as the alpha and create a positive relationship with the pup.

Overall, I believe that building a bond with a Doberman takes time and effort. But with a little patience, love, and positive reinforcement, you can create an unbreakable bond with your dog that will last for years to come.


Hello there!

I understand your concern quite well since I have been a Doberman owner for many years. I believe you need to give your Doberman pup more time to build an emotional connection with you. These dogs are very intelligent, but like all living beings, they have their own way of processing new information and adjusting to their new environment.

In my opinion, the key to bonding with a new Doberman puppy is to establish trust and mutual respect. You can do this by consistently feeding them at the same times, taking them for walks, and creating a safe environment for them. I know these things might seem mundane, but they can genuinely make a significant difference.

In addition, I suggest you establish a routine for your new pup. Don't forget to incorporate some training and playtime in the routine as well. It is useful to remember that Dobermans can be stubborn and distrusting of strangers, but once that bond is established, they will show undying loyalty to their owner.

In conclusion, be patient and consistent with your training and care for your new Doberman pup, and over time, you will see a bond form between you and your furry friend that you will cherish forever.


Hi there,

I have a Doberman puppy myself, and I can totally relate to your concerns. When I first got my pup, it took a little while for him to warm up to me and show loyalty. However, I found that as we spent more time together and as I continued to train him, he gradually became more affectionate and loyal.

Something that helped me a lot in building a bond with my Doberman was positive reinforcement training. Every time he did something good or showed affection towards me, I would give him a treat or lots of praise. This helped him associate good behavior with rewards and also showed him that I am someone he can trust and look up to.

Another thing that worked for me was playing games with my pup. Dobermans are energetic and playful by nature, so playing games like tug-of-war or running around in the backyard helped us bond and build a stronger relationship.

Overall, I would say to be patient with your Doberman and continue to show love and affection towards it. They are intelligent dogs and can sense when someone cares for them. It may take a little while longer, but I'm sure you will see progress soon enough. Hope this helps!


Hi there,

As a proud dog owner, I want to share my experience with my Doberman puppy. When I first brought him home, I was also concerned about building an emotional connection and loyalty with him.

One thing that helped me was understanding the characteristics of the Doberman breed. I did some research on their temperament and found that they are known to be fiercely loyal and protective of their families. This helped me understand my pup's behavior and made me feel more connected to him.

Another thing that helped me was giving my pup plenty of positive reinforcement. I made sure to reward him with treats, praise, and lots of attention whenever he showed positive behavior. This helped me build his trust and strengthened our bond.

It's also important to note that Dobermans are very social dogs and need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. So, taking my pup for long walks, playing games, and training him regularly helped strengthen our bond and kept him happy and healthy.

As a conclusion, I would say to be patient and consistent with your training and care for your Doberman puppy. With time and effort, you'll build a strong emotional connection and loyalty with your pup that will last a lifetime.

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