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Should a Doberman always have their ears docked?

Hey guys,

I have been considering getting a Doberman as my new pet because I have always been fascinated by their grace and loyalty towards their owners. However, I am a little confused regarding the practice of ear docking. I have seen many Dobermans with their ears cropped and standing erect, which looks quite stylish, but I want to know if it's really necessary for all Dobermans to undergo this procedure.

My vet told me that ear cropping is done to reduce the risk of ear infections and injuries, but I have also read that it's purely cosmetic and can cause pain and discomfort for the dog. I don't want to put my pet through any unnecessary pain just for the sake of looks.

So, what do you guys think? Should a Doberman always have their ears docked? Is it really necessary? Or is it just a matter of personal preference? I would really appreciate your expert opinions. Thank you!

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I also had to make the decision whether or not to crop my Doberman's ears when I first got him. At first, I was really into the look of the cropped ears and thought it was the norm for the Doberman breed. However, the more research I did, the more I learned about the potential drawbacks of the procedure and began to have second thoughts.

In the end, I decided not to crop his ears. The procedure seemed unnecessary for my dog's lifestyle, and I didn't want to put him through the pain and discomfort that can come with ear cropping. Instead, I invested in some ear care products and made sure to clean his ears regularly. My Doberman has never had any issues with ear infections, and his natural floppy ears give him a unique and adorable look.

As others have said, the decision to crop or not is ultimately up to the owner. But, for me, choosing not to crop my Doberman's ears was the right decision for both him and me.


Hey there,

I used to have a Doberman with cropped ears, and in my opinion, it was a necessity. My dog was very active and loved to play, and her floppy ears would often get in the way or get injured during rough play. After cropping her ears, she had fewer ear infections and injuries, and her ears were always erect and clean.

However, I do understand that some people believe that ear cropping is unnecessary and cruel, and I respect that opinion. Ultimately, it's up to the individual owner to decide whether or not to crop their dog's ears based on their lifestyle and personal preference.

So, in answer to your question, I don't think a Doberman always has to have their ears docked, but it can be beneficial in some cases.


Hey there,

I have a 3-year-old Doberman whose ears are not cropped. I didn't want to put him through an unnecessary and painful procedure, and I personally love the way his floppy ears look. However, I do have some advice for those who choose not to crop their Doberman's ears.

In my experience, floppy ears are more prone to ear infections than erect ears because they trap moisture and bacteria. So, it's crucial to clean your Doberman's ears regularly and check for any signs of infection. I clean my dog's ears every week with an ear cleaning solution recommended by my vet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Dobermans with floppy ears may be more susceptible to ear injuries during play or outdoor activities. My dog has been lucky so far, but I always monitor him closely during playtime to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

Overall, I don't think a Doberman always has to have their ears docked, but it's important to keep their ears clean and healthy to avoid any potential issues.


I have owned two Dobermans in the past, and I opted not to get their ears docked. The first one had a naturally floppy ear, which I found quite endearing. The second one had naturally erect ears that stood up fine without any help.

I did some research on the pros and cons of ear cropping and concluded that it was not necessary for my dogs. I trusted my vet's advice on how to prevent ear infections and injuries, and I made sure to clean their ears regularly.

I think ear cropping is a personal choice, but it's important to weigh the potential risks and benefits. If you're getting a Doberman as a working dog or for protection purposes, cropped ears may be more practical. But if you're getting one as a companion pet, I don't think it's necessary.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what's best for your pet. Just make sure you do your research and consult with your vet before making any decisions.



I have been a proud owner of Dobermans for over a decade now. From my experience, cropping a Doberman's ears is not mandatory, but it is something I always recommend. A Doberman's ears, when cropped, look distinct and sleek. However, the real reason why I recommend ear cropping is that it can reduce the risk of ear infections in the long run.

Doberman's ears are supposed to stand erect, but due to genetics, the ears may droop, curve sideways, or fold in. These ear shapes make the ear canals trap moisture, which can later trigger ear infections. Ear cropping helps the ears stand erect, which hence reduces the risk of ear infections.

From my experience, getting the ears cropped while the Doberman is still a puppy is beneficial. The younger the Doberman, the better the healing, and the ears stand more erect as well. However, if the ears have already developed a vulnerable shape, trimming the excess sag or folding skin in the ear cartilage works, but it is not a sure bet. So, ultimately, ear cropping is the best option.

In summary, I recommend ear cropping in Doberman breeds to keep the ears erect and reduce the risk of infections.


Hi there,

I completely understand your concern about the practice of ear cropping in Dobermans. When I got my Doberman, I was also put in a dilemma about whether or not to dock his ears. I researched a lot and talked to my vet and some other Doberman owners before coming to a decision.

After much contemplation, I decided not to crop my dog's ears. I personally felt that it was not necessary and that it would make him look less natural. Also, I didn't think I could handle the aftercare requirements of the procedure. So, I decided to let his ears grow naturally.

My dog has never had any issues with his ears, and he is perfectly healthy and happy. He gets a little extra attention in public because of his natural ears, but I love the way he looks as-is.

In conclusion, I don't think a Doberman always has to have their ears docked, and it really depends on your personal choice and the lifestyle of your dog. You just have to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that you're comfortable with.

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