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Should we cut the tail of a Doberman dog?

Hi everyone,

I am a new Doberman dog owner and I have heard different opinions about tail docking. Some people say it is necessary to prevent injuries to the tail, while others argue that it is cruel and unnecessary.

I am really confused about whether or not I should cut the tail of my Doberman. I want to do what is best for my dog's health and well-being. I have read that some countries have even banned tail docking as it is deemed to be cruel.

Can someone please share their personal experience with tail docking? Is it necessary for Doberman dogs or can they live a healthy and happy life with their natural tail? I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can offer. Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

As a Doberman owner, I had my dog's tail docked when he was just a puppy. I opted for this procedure because I believed it was necessary to prevent injuries to his tail, especially since Dobermans are very active dogs.

My dog has had no issues with his docked tail and he is just as happy and energetic as any other Doberman I know. I also love the way his tail looks, and it adds to his overall appearance.

I understand that some people may view tail docking as cruel, but I did my research before making my decision and I felt that it was the best choice for my dog. However, I do respect the opinions of others who choose not to dock their dog's tails.

At the end of the day, I think it's important for each owner to make an informed decision based on their personal beliefs and their dog's needs. Whether you choose to dock your Doberman's tail or keep it natural, what's most important is that you provide them with a safe and loving home.

I hope this helps provide some insight into the differing opinions on tail docking!


Hello everyone,

I'm an experienced Doberman owner and I think it's important to touch on the history of tail docking in this breed. Historically, Doberman tails were docked for practical reasons such as preventing tail injuries and making them appear more intimidating. Nowadays, the primary reason for tail docking is for cosmetic purposes and is done for show standards.

As a strong believer in animal welfare and preserving natural appearances, I personally opted against tail docking for my Doberman. Tail docking is a painful surgical procedure that removes a part of the dog's body and causes them extended periods of pain and recovery. It can also cause long-term physical and psychological harm, especially if not performed correctly.

My Doberman has lived a happy and healthy life with his natural tail, without any fear of injury. In fact, his tail is a great indicator of his emotions, and I find it heartwarming to see him wag his tail when excited or happy. I understand that some people may still prefer docked tails for their looks or practical reasons, but I believe that a dog's welfare should always be our top priority.

In conclusion, I hope this personal experience shed some light on the historical background of tail docking in Dobermans and explained the pros and cons of tail docking from an animal welfare perspective. Ultimately, deciding whether or not to dock your Doberman's tail should be a well-informed personal choice you make for the betterment of your dog's life.


Hi there,

As a Doberman owner, I personally chose not to cut my dog's tail. It was a tough decision, but I felt that it was unnecessary and potentially harmful to my dog's well-being. My dog has lived a very healthy and happy life with his natural tail.

In my opinion, tail docking is a cosmetic procedure that serves no real benefit to the dog. It is done mainly for aesthetics and for the show ring. However, it can cause pain, discomfort, and even long-term health problems for the dog.

I believe that it is our responsibility as dog owners to prioritize their well-being over their appearance. In many countries, tail docking is illegal, and I believe that this reflects a growing recognition of the importance of animal welfare.

Ultimately, the decision to cut the tail of a Doberman dog is a personal one. However, I would encourage all owners to consider the long-term health and well-being of their dog before making this decision.

I hope this helps!


Hello all,

I want to share my experiences as a Doberman owner who has had both docked and undocked dogs. For my first Doberman, I opted to have his tail docked as I had heard that it was necessary to prevent injuries and it was something I was used to seeing in the breed.

However, for my second Doberman, I decided to let his tail stay natural as he was already an adult rescue and had his full tail intact. To be honest, I much prefer the look of a natural tail on a Doberman, but there are some potential challenges that come with it.

One issue I faced was that my dog's tail would often knock things over and hit me while wagging. It's also important to note that if a dog ever gets sick or injured, their natural tail can be more difficult to bandage and treat. That being said, my undocked Doberman had no more tail injuries than my docked Doberman did.

After having both experiences, I think that it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each dog is different, and so is each owner. If you choose to dock your Doberman's tail, make sure to do your research and have a reputable vet perform the procedure. If you choose to keep your Doberman's tail natural, just make sure to be aware of the potential challenges that can come with it.

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