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What are the pros and cons of leaving a doberman uncropped?

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about getting a Doberman for a while now, and I am really conflicted about whether to have their ears cropped or not. On one hand, I think it looks very regal and traditional, and I'm worried that my Doberman won't look like the "stereotypical" Doberman without cropped ears. On the other hand, I've read that the cropping process can be painful for the dog, and that some countries have even outlawed the practice.

I'm looking for some advice from experienced Doberman owners or breeders. What are the pros and cons of leaving a Doberman's ears uncropped? Does it affect their health or temperament in any way, or is it purely a matter of aesthetics? I want to make the best decision for my future pet, so any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello everyone,

I have a different experience from the previous user. When I got my Doberman puppy, I decided to have his ears cropped. I did this not just for cosmetic reasons but because I wanted to minimize the risk of ear infections, and be able to keep his ears clean.

Cropped ears are easier to clean and maintain hygiene. Also, it is a cultural practice to improve the Doberman’s appearance and cosmetic appearance remains the most obvious advantage of having your Doberman’s ears cropped.

However, I must admit that the cropping process is not an easy one. The cropping and aftercare process can be painful and requires diligent aftercare to make sure that the ear heals properly. The aftercare includes cleaning the ears and securing the crops with tape for weeks to ensure good standing.

So, my advice for prospective Doberman owners is to carefully consider whether this procedure is the best choice for you and your dog. If you're willing to invest the necessary time and effort into proper aftercare, cropped ears can be a good choice. If you're hesitant or would rather avoid a potentially painful procedure, then leaving the ears uncropped may be the right decision for you.


As a Doberman owner, I can weigh in on this topic based on my personal experience. When I got my Doberman, I decided not to have his ears cropped. This decision was mostly based on my personal beliefs about animal welfare and the fact that I didn't feel comfortable putting my dog through a painful procedure just for looks.

In terms of appearance, my dog definitely doesn't have the traditional "Doberman look" with cropped ears. However, I still think he looks handsome and unique in his own way. If you're worried about people not recognizing your Doberman as a "real" Doberman without cropped ears, I can say from experience that it really doesn't matter. People who know and love the breed will recognize your dog regardless of their ear shape.

In terms of health and temperament, I haven't noticed any negative effects of leaving my dog's ears uncropped. He's a happy and healthy boy who gets along great with other dogs and people. The only thing to note is that his ears are a bit more prone to infections than a Doberman with cropped ears, so I have to keep them clean and watch for any signs of irritation.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision to leave my Doberman's ears uncropped. It's a personal choice that every owner has to make for themselves, but I don't think I'll ever regret my decision.


Hi there,

I'm a proud Doberman owner and I chose to leave my dog's ears uncropped. When I was researching the breed before getting my Doberman, I read a lot of conflicting information about whether or not to crop their ears. Ultimately, I decided that I didn't want to put my dog through a painful procedure just for the sake of appearance.

I can honestly say that I don't feel like my Doberman looks any less impressive or "stereotypical" with his floppy ears. In fact, I think it gives him a unique and endearing look. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Dobermans with floppy ears may be more prone to certain ear infections or irritations. It's important to clean their ears regularly and make sure they stay healthy.

Overall, I'm very happy with my decision to leave my Doberman's ears uncropped. He's a healthy, happy dog who looks great no matter what shape his ears are in!


Hello there,

I have a Doberman with uncropped ears, and I must say I'm really happy with my decision. Although I was initially tempted to crop my dog's ears because of the traditional look, after thorough research, I decided not to.

I found out that ear cropping is becoming less popular in many countries, and in some places, it is even illegal. Additionally, my research showed that it has no impact on the dog's personality, behavior, or temperament, as some people may have initially thought.

However, one of the challenges I faced with my Doberman's unflopped ears is that they need an extra level of cleaning compared to cropped ears. They tend to pick up dirt and gunk as they flop around, which can cause infections if not cleaned properly.

While I miss the traditional Doberman look that cropped ears give when it comes down to the health and upkeep of my dog, I'm glad I chose to leave his ears the way they are. Plus, he's still the same regal-looking Doberman, even without cropped ears.


Hey everyone,

I have owned two Dobermans in the past, one with cropped ears and one with uncropped ears. While I personally prefer the look of Dobermans with cropped ears, I'm not sure I would go through the process again.

My first Doberman had cropped ears, but the aftercare was a nightmare. I had to clean his ears regularly and literally tape them up to make sure that they healed properly, which took a much longer time than expected.

On the other hand, my second Doberman had uncropped ears and never had any ear infections. However, I did have to clean his ears regularly to keep them healthy.

So, both have their pros and cons. Ultimately, I think the decision to crop or not should be based on individual issues like your dog’s health, lifestyle, and your willingness to put in the time and effort required for aftercare if you choose to crop.

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