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What are your opinions on Dobermans being aggressive?

Hey guys, I have been researching about Dobermans lately as I am considering adopting one. However, I've come across a lot of people who claim that Dobermans are inherently aggressive and difficult to handle. I have also seen some instances where Dobermans have attacked people or other animals. So, I wanted to gather some opinions and experiences from the community here. Do you think Dobermans are naturally aggressive? Or do you believe that proper training and socialization can prevent such behaviors? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences before making a final decision on adopting a Doberman. Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my personal experience with Dobermans. I used to be wary of them due to all the negative stereotypes about their temperament. But then, a friend of mine who owned a Doberman invited me over to her place to meet her furry friend. I was surprised to see how friendly and playful the dog was! The Doberman was certainly energetic, but not at all aggressive.

Over time, I met more Dobermans and each one was as sweet and gentle as the last. I have come to realize that the notion that Dobermans are inherently aggressive is simply untrue. Every dog has their own unique personality and behavior, and it's important to approach them on an individual basis.

In conclusion, I believe that Dobermans can make great pets, as long as they are socialized and trained properly. They are intelligent, loyal, and protective dogs, but they also require a lot of time, attention, and energy. So, if you are willing to put in the effort, I think a Doberman can be a wonderful addition to any family.


Hello everyone, I think it's important to provide another perspective on this topic. I have personally owned two different Dobermans over the past twenty years and my experience has been completely positive with both of them. Doberman's are certainly an energetic breed that requires a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation, but with proper training, they can make wonderful companions. I believe that any dog, regardless of breed, can become aggressive if they are not socialized correctly or if they are abused or mistreated.

It's also important to note that Dobermans are highly intelligent and sensitive dogs that can pick up on their owner's moods and behaviors. If their owner is anxious or stressed, it can trigger anxiety in the dog, which can lead to aggressive behavior. One of my Dobermans was trained for therapy work and was a regular visitor to hospitals and nursing homes. She was extremely gentle and loving with the patients she visited and was always well-behaved.

In conclusion, I believe that Dobermans are not naturally aggressive dogs and can make excellent pets if they are trained and socialized properly. However, they do require a lot of work and attention, so potential owners should be aware of the commitment involved before making a decision.


Hello, I thought I would share my experience with Dobermans as well. I have been a dog trainer for over a decade and have trained many Dobermans during that time. In my experience, Dobermans are very intelligent and trainable, but they do require an experienced and dedicated owner. They are known for their protective nature, which can be a double-edged sword. If socialized correctly, this trait will result in a loyal, protective dog who will guard their family with their life. However, if not socialized, they may exhibit fear, anxiety, and aggression when they perceive a threat.

Dobermans can also be prone to anxiety, which can manifest as aggression in some cases. It is important to provide them with a stable, structured environment and to ensure that they receive enough physical exercise and mental stimulation. The key to successfully owning a Doberman is socialization and positive reinforcement training. They need to be exposed to a variety of situations, people, and other animals from a young age to avoid developing an anxious or aggressive disposition.

In conclusion, I do not believe that Dobermans are inherently aggressive, but they do require a specific type of owner who is experienced in dog training and has the time, patience, and commitment to raise them properly. If you are considering adopting a Doberman, then my advice would be to do your research, speak to experienced Doberman owners, and be honest with yourself about whether you have the resources to provide the care and attention that this breed requires.


Hi, I have had an experience with a Doberman and it's unlike what user 1 has said. In my opinion, Dobermans can be aggressive if they are not properly trained and socialized. I was once attacked by my neighbor's Doberman and it required several stitches to mend the wounds. To be fair, the owner had not properly trained or socialized the dog, which resulted in its aggressive behavior. I must say that I'm not entirely against Dobermans as a breed, but it's important to take into consideration if you have the right environment and lifestyle for them. Dobermans require a lot of exercise, attention, and training, so unless you are willing to put in the effort, I would suggest looking for a different breed of dog. It's also important to understand that Dobermans are naturally protective, so they may become aggressive towards strangers or other animals if they feel threatened. All in all, with proper training and socialization, Dobermans can make great pets, but you need to be ready to put in the work.


Hey there! I have owned a Doberman for over 5 years now and I can confidently say that they are not inherently aggressive. My dog is one of the most loyal and loving pets I have ever had. Of course, like any other breed, there can be outliers that are more prone to aggression, but it all comes down to proper training and socialization. If you provide your Doberman with enough socialization and training, they can be just as sweet and loving as any other breed. It's important to be consistent with training and positive reinforcement so that they know what behaviors are acceptable. Ultimately, I think a Doberman can make a great addition to any family as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to train and socialize them properly.


Greetings all, I felt the need to contribute my personal experience with Dobermans to this thread. I've owned two Dobermans in my lifetime, and while they were both very different dogs, neither of them showed any signs of aggression. In fact, they were both very loving and affectionate pets.

These dogs were an enormous part of my life and were more than just pets to me. They both had their distinct personalities and quirks, but were both loyal and protective dogs that brought me countless hours of joy and companionship.

I believe that the notion that Dobermans are naturally aggressive has been perpetuated by the media and certain negative stereotypes. In my experience, any dog can be aggressive, regardless of breed. With proper training, socialization, and affection, the chances of aggression in any dog - including Dobermans - are greatly reduced.

In conclusion, Dobermans are beautiful, intelligent, and loving dogs that can make wonderful pets. As with any pet, it's important to educate yourself on the breed's temperament and specific needs. With the right care, Dobermans can be a loyal and loving companion in your life for many years to come.


Hi there, I wanted to share my experience with Dobermans as well. I have been a veterinarian for over ten years, and in my practice, I have met many Dobermans. In my experience, it is not accurate to say that Dobermans are inherently aggressive. Rather, aggression in Dobermans can often be a result of how they are raised, their environment, and genetics.

In some cases, Dobermans can be predisposed to certain behavioral problems due to genetics. However, appropriate breeding practices can help reduce the likelihood of such issues. Furthermore, socialization is critical in shaping a dog's behavior, and Dobermans are no exception. Many of the aggressive behavior problems we see in Dobermans can often be corrected with proper training and socialization.

That being said, like any dog breed, Dobermans will not be suitable for everyone. They are a high energy and active breed that require a lot of time and attention. They also require regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom which can lead to destructive behavior. Before considering adopting a Doberman, it's important to do your homework, and make sure that the dog's needs match your lifestyle and living situation.

In conclusion, Dobermans are not inherently aggressive. As with any dog, a Doberman's behavior will depend on how they are raised, trained, socialized, and cared for. If you have the time, resources, and patience to commit to a Doberman, then they can make a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.


Hello everyone, I want to share my experience with Dobermans as well. I have been volunteering at a local animal shelter for a few years now, and I've had the pleasure of working with many wonderful Dobermans. While I have seen some Dobermans that exhibit aggressive behaviors, I've also seen many that are quite the opposite. In fact, I have seen some Dobermans that are not only gentle and affectionate with people but also good with other dogs and pets.

I have found that a lot of the Dobermans at the shelter tend to be quite anxious, especially if they haven't had much socialization or training. However, experience has shown me that the dogs that receive love, attention, and training from their owners tend to be much more relaxed and well-behaved in the long run.

In conclusion, Dobermans are like any other dog breed, and their behavior is shaped by their environment, socialization, and training. With proper care and love, Dobermans can be a loving and loyal addition to any household. However, it's important to acknowledge that they are a high maintenance breed and are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, anyone considering adopting a Doberman should do their research and assess their lifestyle to ensure that they can provide a safe, healthy, and active environment for the dog.

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