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What is the temperament of a Doberman?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently considering getting a Doberman as my next pet, but I'm a bit concerned about their temperament. I understand they have a reputation for being guard dogs, but I'm not looking for an aggressive dog. I've read conflicting information online about their temperament, some saying that they're loyal and affectionate while others have mentioned that they can be stubborn and difficult to train.

I want to make sure that I'm fully informed before making a decision, so I'm hoping those of you who have experience with Dobermans can shed some light on their temperament. What has been your experience with Dobermans in terms of their behavior and personality? Are they good family pets or are they better suited for experienced dog owners? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

I've owned Dobermans for over a decade, and my experience is that they are extremely loyal dogs with a strong protective instinct. They are incredibly intelligent and great at problem-solving. In my opinion, they require an owner who is patient, firm and gives them plenty of exercise and attention.

The Doberman temperament can vary from dog to dog, but they have a strong instinct to protect their family members, property and territory. However, with proper socialization, this protectiveness can be channelled into more positive behaviors.

While they have a reputation for being aggressive, I believe that it is largely due to their history as guard dogs. In my experience, they are not inherently more aggressive than any other breed, and with proper training and socialization, they are excellent family pets. However, they may not be the best choice for families with very young children or elderly individuals who may have mobility issues.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Dobermans to anyone who wants a loyal, intelligent and protective companion, but it is essential to understand their temperament, train them well, and give them the attention and exercise they need.


Hey everyone,

I used to have a Doberman a few years ago, but unfortunately, I had to give him away due to some personal reasons. From my experience, Dobermans are intelligent and loyal dogs, but they can also be quite energetic and require regular exercise.

Although I agree that they can be protective of their family, my Doberman was more of a laid-back dog who would rather spend his time lounging around the house than guarding us. However, I did notice that he would become more reactive when someone unfamiliar approached him or our home.

Training-wise, my Doberman was relatively easy to train because he responded well to positive reinforcement. However, he did have a bit of a stubborn streak, and sometimes it was difficult to get him to do what I wanted.

Overall, I think Dobermans can make excellent pets, but it's important to understand their temperament and energy level before committing to one. With consistent training, lots of exercise, and early socialization, I believe they can be great companions for both novice and experienced dog owners alike.


Hi there,

I have personally owned a Doberman for several years now, and I can attest to their loyal and affectionate nature. Yes, they do have a tendency to be protective of their family, but with proper training and socialization, they can learn to distinguish between friends and strangers.

In my experience, my Doberman is very social and loves being around people. She's great with children and other pets, and has never shown any signs of aggression towards them. However, I do agree that they can be stubborn at times and require firm and consistent training.

Overall, I think Dobermans make great family dogs, but it's important to invest the time and effort into proper training and socialization. They thrive on attention and love being included in family activities. I hope this helps!


Hi there,

I've been a dog trainer for over a decade and have had experience with many different breeds, including Dobermans. From my experience, Dobermans can be great pets, but they do require a lot of attention and training to help them reach their full potential.

One thing I always tell my clients who are considering getting a Doberman is to make sure they have the time to devote to training and exercise. They are a high energy breed that needs plenty of activity to satisfy their needs. A bored Doberman can become destructive, so it's essential to give them plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

While they do have a strong protective instinct, I believe that proper socialization is key to a Doberman's temperament. Early socialization with different environments, people, and other animals can help to prevent fear or aggression towards strangers.

In terms of training, Dobermans are intelligent animals that can learn new behaviors quickly. However, they can be stubborn, so training should be done with patience, positivity, and consistency. It's also important to remember that training is an ongoing process and should be reinforced throughout the dog's life.

Overall, I believe that Dobermans can make excellent pets for the right owner. They are loyal, loving, and protective when trained correctly. With sufficient time, effort, and patience, anyone can have a great companion in a Doberman.

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