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Why are the tails of some dog species like Bulldogs and Dobermans cut by their owners?

Hey guys! I have been thinking for a while now about the tails of some dog breeds like Bulldogs and Dobermans being cut by their owners. I am a new dog owner and I have noticed that some dogs have shorter tails than others. I was wondering why this is the case and whether it is necessary to cut a dog's tail or not. Is it just for cosmetic reasons or is there a practical reason behind it? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic. Thank you in advance!

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Hey there! As a dog owner of a Doberman, I can tell you that the tail cutting practice is commonly known as tail docking. It is done for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Some people believe that Docking their dog's tail helps them maintain a certain look or appearance. As for practical reasons, it is believed to reduce the risk of tail injuries in breeds who have long and heavy tails. In my case, my Doberman's tail was docked when he was a puppy, and I have never had any problems with it. However, it is worth noting that tail docking is a controversial topic and some countries have banned this practice altogether, so it is up to the individual to decide if they want to go down that route or not.


Hello everyone, I want to share my two cents on this topic as an active dog groomer. Based on my professional experience, I can say that the practice of tail docking isn't common nowadays, at least not in most parts of the world. However, when it is practiced, it is mostly done for breed standard purposes rather than practical reasons. Many clients ask me whether they should dock their dog's tail, but I always advise against it unless absolutely necessary. The recovery process can be painful and might even lead to uncomfortable developments for the dog in the future. Besides, as a groomer, I hardly ever see cases of tail injuries, regardless of breed. In my opinion, the focus should always be on the dog's welfare and comfort, not their appearance. Let's prioritize the comfort and health of our beloved dogs over compliance toward breed standards.


Hi guys! I would like to chime in on this tail cutting discussion as an avid animal welfare advocate. In my opinion, tail cutting practices like those seen in Bulldogs and Dobermans are an unnecessary and cruel act. Historically, these procedures were done for practical reasons, such as preventing injuries during hunting, but modern technology and advancements in dog breeding have made these justifications obsolete. This leaves only appearance as a reason for continuing the harsh practice of tail docking. When a dog undergoes this procedure, they are put through unnecessary pain and suffering, and this is something I cannot support. Dogs do not need their tail docked to be healthy, happy animals. They deserve to have their natural tails and be treated with the same respect and compassion that we would want for ourselves. Therefore, I urge you all to reconsider the idea of tail docking before you make that decision for your pet.


Hello all, as a Bulldog owner who has a dog with natural tail, I can tell you that this practice of tail cutting is only done for aesthetic purposes. It is often done due to breed standard, particularly in certain dog shows where the breed with a docked tail is more likely to win. Though, it must be said that many Bulldogs live healthy happy lives with their natural tails intact. I personally prefer my dog to have his natural tail because it contains a lot of valuable communication cues. A wagging tail can be important in identifying if your dog is happy, anxious, or fearful. So, if you are considering getting a Bulldog or any dog that might have their tail cut, think carefully before making that decision. It is not necessary for the overall health of the dog, so it should come down to personal preference. That being said, whether you have a docked or natural tail dog, always remember to give them the love and care they deserve!

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