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Why do some Dobermans have pointy ears?

Hello fellow dog lovers, I recently adopted a Doberman and noticed that his ears are naturally pointy, while some Dobermans have floppy ears. I am curious as to why this is and if there is any significance to it. Is it just a genetic variation or does it have a specific purpose? I've heard that some people crop their Doberman's ears to make them pointy, but that seems cruel to me. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there, I've had the pleasure of owning two Dobermans in my lifetime. The first one had floppy ears and the second one had pointy ears. In my opinion, pointy ears make a Doberman look more intimidating and alert. However, my first Doberman with floppy ears was just as alert as my second Doberman with pointy ears. I think that regardless of whether the ears are pointy or floppy, a Doberman's natural traits and behavior are far more important.

When it comes to the practice of ear cropping, I don't believe it's necessary. It's definitely more of a cosmetic procedure for the sake of achieving the pointy ear look. Ear cropping can be painful for the dog and can cause permanent damage to their ears. Overall, I think it's best to appreciate their natural physical traits rather than forcing them to conform to human standards of beauty.


Hi everyone, I have a Doberman with pointy ears and I've always admired their sleek and powerful appearance. While I agree that natural traits and behavior are more important than cosmetic differences, I can understand why some people choose to crop their Doberman's ears.

Back when Dobermans were originally bred in Germany, their ears were cropped for a practical reason. The breed was used as a guard dog and the cropped ears made it more difficult for an attacker to latch onto their ears during a confrontation. However, I've heard that many modern Doberman breeders and owners crop their dogs' ears for purely aesthetic reasons, which can be controversial.

That being said, I think it's important for us as Doberman owners to appreciate our dogs for who they are and not to obsess over their physical appearance. Whether their ears are pointy or floppy, they're still loyal, loving companions who bring joy to our lives.


Hello, I'm a veterinarian who often deals with Dobermans and their health. As much as I love the breed, I have a strong opinion against ear cropping which is often unnecessary and painful for the dog. It's actually illegal in many countries such as the UK and Australia, and I think it should be banned everywhere.

Most Dobermans with pointy ears have had them cropped as a result of human intervention, not because it's natural. Some may argue that it's to keep them safe, but it's important to note that the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery are far greater than the risks of ear infections or torn ears. There are many other ways to prevent ear infections or even treat them if they occur.

I firmly believe that we should love and accept our Dobermans for who they are and celebrate their natural looks, whether their ears are pointy, floppy, or somewhere in between. What's most important is their health, happiness, and the bond we share with them.


Hello everyone! I'm a first-time Doberman owner and have been fascinated by their physical traits since I adopted my little pup. I personally love the natural look of a Doberman, whether their ears are pointy or floppy.

However, I have heard that ear cropping is common in the United States, where it's more of a cosmetic procedure than a practical one as it was in Germany. Although I understand that it can be a controversial practice, I think it's important to remember that each owner has their own reasons for doing so. While some may do it for aesthetic reasons, others may believe it is necessary to prevent ear infections or to improve their dog's hearing abilities.

Nevertheless, whether our furry companions have pointy or floppy ears, they will always be our beloved and loyal friends.


Hi there! I have a Doberman with floppy ears, but I have also been around Dobermans with pointy ears. From what I understand, the pointy ears are a result of a natural genetic variation that occurs in some Dobermans. The floppy ears are also a genetic trait, but they are usually seen in puppies that have not yet grown into their adult ears. In some cases, a Doberman's ears may stay floppy even when they are fully grown.

As for my own personal experience with my Doberman's floppy ears, I love them! They give him a very cute and friendly look, which is perfect since he is such a lovable dog. However, I also appreciate the sleek and alert look of a Doberman with pointy ears. Ultimately, whether a Doberman has pointy or floppy ears doesn't really affect their personality or abilities as a dog - it's just a cosmetic difference.

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