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Why does my 7 year old Doberman lick and chew at his paws?

Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of a 7 year old Doberman and I have noticed that he frequently licks and chews at his paws. I am not sure what is causing him to do this and it has been worrying me. He has been doing this for a while now and I have tried to distract him, but he keeps going back to his paws. Could this be a sign of an underlying health issue or is it just a habit? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there! I'm also an owner of a 7-year-old Doberman and I can understand your concern. My dog went through a similar phase of incessantly licking and chewing his paws a few months back. After some research and speaking to my vet, I found out that it could be due to allergies, boredom, anxiety, or even a fungal or bacterial infection.

I started by changing his food and making sure he was getting a balanced diet with enough nutrients, and started giving him more physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom. I also made sure to keep his living spaces clean and free of any irritants that could be causing an allergic reaction.

If the behavior continues, I would recommend taking your Doberman to a vet to rule out any underlying medical issues and to get proper treatment. In the meantime, you could try using a cone or bitter-tasting spray to prevent your dog from licking his paws excessively. I hope this helps!


Hello everyone! I can relate to your concerns about your Doberman's paw licking and chewing. My 8-year-old Doberman also goes through phases of paw licking, and I have found that regular grooming helps to minimize the behavior.

When Dobermans go through grooming, it helps to remove any debris or irritants that could be causing the paw licking. Also, grooming promotes healthy skin and coat, which can help to prevent dry skin, a leading cause of paw licking.

Additionally, I have found that when I take my dog for regular walks, it helps to stimulate and alleviate any anxiety or boredom she might be experiencing. Boredom and anxiety in dogs is a common cause of paw licking.

However, sometimes paw licking can be a sign of an underlying medical problem such as a fungal infection. In such a case, I would advise taking your dog to a vet for a checkup.

In conclusion, being a Doberman owner means being attentive to your pet's needs and behavior. Regular grooming and exercise can minimizes paw licking and chewing. However, it's important to monitor your dog's behavior and consult professionals where necessary.


Hello fellow Doberman owners! I have had my lovely pet for four years, and a few months back, she started licking and chewing her paws excessively. I was worried sick and didn't know what to do. However, after trying different home remedies and consulting with a vet, I was able to find a solution.

One thing that worked wonders for me was a paw balm made from all-natural ingredients. The balm helps to soothe the paws and also provides a protective layer against irritants. Another solution that worked for me was putting my dog on a grain-free diet. This helped to address any possible allergies she might have been experiencing, which triggered the paw licking.

Finally, I strongly advise against using any harmful substances such as sprays and topical ointments without the recommendation of a vet. Some of these products can cause skin irritation, and they do not address the underlying cause of the paw licking.

In conclusion, if your dog is experiencing excessive paw licking, it's essential to address the underlying cause before it becomes a habit. Using natural remedies, changing your dog's diet or consulting with a vet can help alleviate the problem. Pets require a lot of love, attention, and care, and it gives us peace of mind knowing that they are healthy and happy.


Hello! I have a 6-year-old Doberman who also has a history of paw licking and chewing. As an experienced dog owner, I have learned that this behavior is very common in Dobermans, and it's important to address it before it becomes a habit.

Before you decide to take your dog to the vet, you could try to identify the root cause of the behavior. Some common reasons why Dobermans chew and lick their paws are allergies, dry skin, boredom, and stress. In my dog's case, it was due to dry skin caused by harsh weather. So, I started applying coconut oil on his paws, and it helped to soothe his dry skin.

Another thing that has worked for me is teaching him a command to stop paw licking. Using a command like "leave it" when you see your dog licking his paws can work wonders in breaking the habit. Additionally, providing him with a good chew toy or treat can also help to distract him from licking his paws.

If after trying these things, you still notice excessive paw licking or chewing, then it's time to seek advice from a vet. A vet will be able to diagnose and treat any underlying health problems that your Doberman may be facing.

I hope this helps!

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