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Why does my Doberman puppy whine and cry when someone is not near him?

Hey guys, I recently got a Doberman puppy and I noticed that whenever someone is not near him, he whines and cries. I tried to leave him alone for a few minutes, but he just couldn't handle it and started barking. I'm not sure why he's doing this and if it's normal behavior for a puppy. He's only three months old, so I'm not sure if this is just a phase he's going through or if there's something wrong with him. Has anyone else experienced this with their puppies or does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it? I would really appreciate any help or insights you could provide. Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I completely understand your concern about your Doberman puppy's whining and crying whenever you're not near him. I went through a similar situation with my puppy, and it was due to separation anxiety.

The first thing I did was to make sure he had a cozy, comfortable spot with his bed, toys, and his favorite blanket. I also tried to use calming aids like a pheromone diffuser and played calming music when he was alone.

Another thing that worked was practicing leaving the house for a short while multiple times a day. This helped my pup realize that I was not gone for good, and I would return soon. I would also leave a treat-stuffed toy or chew toy that he could play with, which would keep him occupied while I was away.

Lastly, I started crate training my pup, which helped him feel secure and safe inside his crate while I was out of the house. It took a few weeks, but with patience and a consistent routine, he stopped crying every time I left.

I hope these tips help you, and remember, with patience and consistency, you can overcome your puppy's whining and crying. Good luck!


Hey there! I've had a Doberman puppy in the past and experienced a similar situation. My pup used to whine and cry whenever we left him alone or went out without him. I spoke to a veterinarian, who informed me that this is a common behavior in puppies because they're still adjusting to their new surroundings and their pack or family (us).

To address my pup's anxiety, I started to leave him alone for shorter periods, gradually increasing the time as he got used to being without us. I also provided him with lots of toys and interactive puzzles to keep him occupied and offered lots of praise and treats when he behaved well.

In addition, I made sure to leave and return home in a calm manner and should avoid fussing over him or rewarding him too much for his whining as it could reinforce this behavior. Eventually, my pup learned that being alone was not scary, and the whining reduced. So, my advice would be to be patient with your puppy and gradually allow him to cope with being alone in a positive way.


Hi there, I also have experience with a Doberman puppy that used to cry and whine whenever it was left alone. One technique that worked for me was to create a positive association with being alone.

What I did was to associate positive activities like feeding and playing with toys with alone time. I started by filling up a treat-dispensing toy or puzzle and leaving it for the pup to play with whenever I was out. This gave the puppy something to anticipate whenever he was alone, and it distracted him from his anxiety.

Another thing that helped was to try and figure out what exactly triggered the separation anxiety in my pup. In my case, it was movement sounds or even the sound of footsteps when I was about to leave. I would try to predict and prevent any anxiety triggers by doing things like leaving the radio or TV on to block out external noises, and gathering items like bags, keys, and shoes that tend to coincide with leaving while the pup was distracted.

Overall, the key is to be patient and consistent with handling the separation anxiety behavior in Doberman puppies. I hope my experience helps, and best of luck!


Hello there! I understand your concern about your Doberman puppy's whining and crying when someone is not near him. My experience with my previous pup was similar.

One of the techniques I used was making departures and arrivals to the house low-key. I found that when I made a big fuss when leaving, my pup's separation anxiety kicked in, and they'd howl for my return. Still, when I made my returns and departures low-key, they learned to mimic the behavior, and it helped reduce the anxiety.

Another thing that worked was incentivizing independence. I would offer little bits of praise and even treats when they were relaxed and content in their space without me. Doing this made my pup happy to chill out within their space instead of getting anxious or remaining dependent on me.

Finally, I practiced desensitization techniques. I would hold my keys or even put on shoes and step out momentarily, then immediately come back inside so that the pup got used to me stepping out for a brief period. With time, I started staying away for a longer time, gradually helping the pup feel more confident and secure alone.

With patience and consistency, your Doberman puppy will learn to feel confident and relaxed when alone. Keep practicing the desensitization techniques, incentivize independence, and make departures and returns low-key. Best of luck!

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