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Why is it unethical to cut off a Doberman Pinscher's tail and crop it's ears?

Hey everyone,

I am a dog lover and recently came across a Doberman Pinscher that had its tail docked and ears cropped. It made me wonder about the ethics of this procedure. I have always been under the impression that it is a common practice for certain dog breeds, but now I am not sure if it is justified.

I want to understand why it is considered unethical to cut off a Doberman's tail and crop its ears? Does it cause the dog any discomfort or pain? Does it serve any purpose other than just for aesthetic reasons? I am really curious to learn more about this topic, and any relevant information or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your input!

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Hello everyone,

Having worked in the veterinary field for years, I can confidently say that tail docking and ear cropping are not only unnecessary but can also cause harm to the dog.

While some people argue that tail docking and ear cropping are essential for the working breeds, such as the Doberman, research has shown that these procedures are of little benefit to the dog's health or wellbeing. Moreover, these procedures can cause long-term damage, both physically and behaviorally, to the dog.

For instance, when the tail is docked, the dog's tailbone is cut, which can lead to persistent pain, discomfort, and changes in bowel and bladder functions in the long run. It can also interfere with the dog's ability to communicate with other animals, leading them to feel anxiety and distress.

Similarly, ear cropping can cause pain and discomfort for the dog, and the recovery period can be protracted and painful. The dog's ears also play an essential role in communication, and cropped ears can create miscommunications, leading to aggression or fear.

Ultimately, as pet owners and lovers, we should be advocating for the best interests of dogs. Tail docking and ear cropping offer no medical advantage and are purely aesthetic, which is not a fair trade for the dog's discomfort, risk of infections or significant life-long complications.

In summary, as a veterinary professional, I would advise against tail docking and ear cropping as there are instances where they can cause pain and leave life-long effects on the dog. I hope that breeders can focus on breeding for the animals' health, performance, and welfare instead of focusing on their appearance.


Hey there,

As a breeder of Doberman Pinschers, I have a different perspective on the topic of tail docking and ear cropping. While I can certainly understand why some people may view these procedures as unnecessary or even unethical, there are certain situations in which they can be beneficial.

For example, if a Doberman will be used for working or competing in activities like hunting, agility, or protection, then cropping their ears can help prevent injuries that may happen while the dog is working. Similarly, docking their tail can alleviate the risk of the tail being caught in something or injured while working on demanding activities.

Moreover, It's commonly believed that ear cropping and tail docking are only for cosmetic purposes; that's not always the case. Many people adopt Dobermans mainly for their protective abilities, and properly cropped ears and docked tails can help them in their job.

However, I do agree that these procedures should only be performed by a licensed and skilled veterinarian, and breeders should do their research to ensure that the veterinarian they choose is reputable, experienced, and uses pain management procedures. And If one wants to adopt a Doberman as a pet, I would advise getting one with natural tails and ears.

In conclusion, I believe that tail docking and ear cropping are not inherently unethical, but it is vital to consider the reasoning behind it and ensure it's performed for the dog's benefit, not just for cosmetic purposes.



As a dog trainer, I believe that the practice of tail docking and ear cropping can have implications for a dog's behavior and can negatively impact their training and socialization.

A dog's tail and ears are essential in their communication, and when the dog has their tail docked or ears cropped, it can hinder their ability to communicate correctly, causing unnecessary anxiety and fear for the dog's behavior. The ability to read body language is such an essential component of training a dog effectively, and when you take that ability away, training becomes more challenging for both the dog and the trainer.

Cropped ears can also cause a social impact on the dog, which can affect how they interact with other dogs. Dogs with cropped ears or tails can be perceived as aggressive by other dogs, leading to fear or aggressive responses from other dogs, creating social challenges for the dog.

Moreover, the pain and discomfort associated with tail docking and ear cropping can cause lasting behavioral issues, such as anxiety, fear or aggression. These behavioral problems can make training even harder and create a fear or mistrust of humans.

In conclusion, as a dog trainer, I would recommend avoiding tail docking and ear cropping where possible, in order to ensure that dogs can communicate, learn, and interact without the additional stress and pressure. A dog's ability to communicate is a vital component of their training and socialization, and altering natural features can have lasting effects that can make training and interactions with other dogs more challenging.



As an animal rights activist, I firmly oppose the practice of tail docking and ear cropping for dogs such as Doberman Pinschers. It is an act of animal cruelty, and there is no justification for performing such a painful and unnecessary procedure.

Tail docking and ear cropping are among the most invasive surgical procedures performed on dogs, and they cause excruciating pain and physical trauma to the animal. In many instances, these procedures are carried out at an excellent cost to the dog, with little attention given to the immediate or long-term effects on the animal.

Even though ear cropping and tail docking have long been treated as cosmetic procedures, They are merely mutilations done to make dogs look intimidating or meet breed standards. Dogs are innocent animals, and they deserve to be treated humanely, without being subjected to unnecessary surgical procedures that only serve the vanity of their owners or breeders.

Furthermore, it is high time people realize that dogs are not merely property, and their natural traits should never be altered to meet arbitrary standards. We should strive to celebrate and cherish a dog's individuality, breeds, and characteristics.

In conclusion, it is unethical and inhumane to dock a Doberman's tail or crop its ears. These procedures have no practical use and cause traumatic and sometimes life-long pain to the animal. Instead, we should promote responsible breeding and pet ownership and treat animals as the living creatures they are - not objects to be modified to match human fancy.


Hello everyone,

As a dog lover and owner, I must say that I disagree with the practice of tail docking and ear cropping. These procedures are cruel and unnecessary, and they have no benefits that could justify such treatments.

I genuinely believe that a dog's natural characteristics should be respected and maintained. For example, I have a Doberman with a natural tail and floppy ears, and she is a lovely and healthy dog. I have never faced any problem due to her naturals features.

Moreover, Drobemans are already a well-known breed with unique traits, such as their intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty, and their natural ears and tails add to their charm. I believe that we should breed for healthier genetics and not try to change a dog's natural appearance just to conform to a particular breed standard or look 'cool' or 'intimidating.'

Additionally, ear cropping and tail docking are invasive surgical procedures that can cause distress, pain, and life-altering consequences. I think it's unfair to subject an animal to such cruel practices merely for human convenience. We should treat our pets with the respect and consideration they deserve.

In conclusion, It is imperative to acknowledge that tail docking and ear cropping are inhumane practices that serve no real purpose other than satisfying human egos. They are outdated and should no longer be acceptable, and breeders should promote and consider factors like health and temperament over aesthetics.


As someone who has owned a Doberman Pinscher with a natural tail and floppy ears, I can say that it was a much better experience compared to one that had undergone the tail docking and ear cropping procedures. The dog was more expressive and non-threatening to other people and animals. I noticed the dog with cropped ears tended to appear more aggressive, which is a common misconception about the breed due to their portrayal in media.

Moreover, docking the tail and cropping the ears is painful for the dog as it's a surgical procedure that involves cutting their bone and cartilage. Additionally, the dog's ears and tail serve an essential communication tool in understanding their feelings, making these procedures unnecessary and cruel. It's also unnatural and goes against y ethical beliefs to alter a dog's natural appearance for human vanity purposes.

Hence, I believe that the tail docking and ear cropping procedures are entirely unethical and unnecessary. A dog should be left in its natural form, and if a breed standard exists, breeders should consider developing the breed's genetics instead of the cosmetics.

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