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Why should you get or not get a Doberman?

Hi guys, I have been thinking about getting a Doberman for a while now, but I am still on the fence about it. I would love to get some advice from current Doberman owners or experts in the breed.

I am a single person who lives in a small apartment. I work from home and have a flexible schedule, which means I can spend a lot of time with my dog. I am looking for a loyal, energetic, and intelligent companion who can also act as a guard dog when needed.

On the other hand, I am concerned about the potential aggression and high prey drive that some Dobermans can exhibit. I am also worried about the amount of exercise and training they require. I have never owned a large breed dog before, so I am not sure if I can keep up with a Doberman's needs.

So, my question is - should I get a Doberman? What are the pros and cons of owning this breed? Is it a good fit for my lifestyle and living arrangements? Any personal experiences or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your input!

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Hello, I am a veterinary technician and have worked with many Dobermans over the years. While every dog is unique, there are a few things to consider when deciding if a Doberman is right for you.

First and foremost, Dobermans have a few health concerns that are important to know about. They can be prone to heart conditions and hip dysplasia. Regular vet visits and proper exercise can help prevent these issues or catch them early if they do arise.

Another thing to consider is their grooming needs. Dobermans have a short, smooth coat that is easy to maintain. However, they do shed and will require occasional grooming.

Additionally, Dobermans are known for their loyalty and intelligence, but they can also be stubborn at times. They require consistent training and socialization, especially when they are young. Positive reinforcement methods work best with this breed.

Lastly, Dobermans make great companions, but they can be wary around strangers. It's important to socialize them at a young age to prevent shyness or aggression towards people they don't know. If this is something you are not comfortable doing, a Doberman may not be the best choice for you.

In summary, Dobermans are loyal and intelligent dogs that require a lot of attention and socialization from their owners. They can make great companions, but they are not for everyone. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, owning a Doberman can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.


Hi there! As someone who previously owned a Doberman, I can share my experience with the breed. My Doberman was an amazing companion and fiercely loyal, but owning him also came with some challenges.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was his high energy level. He needed a lot of exercise to keep him calm and happy, which was something I didn't fully understand when first getting him. He also had a very strong prey drive, which meant that we had to be careful around small animals like cats and squirrels.

Additionally, Dobermans can be highly intelligent and require mental stimulation. I found that puzzle toys and interactive games helped to keep him mentally engaged and happy.

When it comes to aggression, my Doberman was never aggressive towards people or other dogs, but he did have a strong protective instinct. He always wanted to be close to me and would bark if he felt like something was threatening me.

Overall, I would say that owning a Doberman was a unique and rewarding experience. They are highly intelligent dogs with a lot of personality and make great companions if you are up for the challenge of fulfilling their exercise and mental stimulation needs. But, it's definitely not a breed for everyone, so be sure to carefully assess if a Doberman is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.


Hey there! As someone who has fostered many dogs, including a Doberman, I can provide some personal insights into whether or not a Doberman might be a good fit for you.

First, while Dobermans are loyal and intelligent dogs, they can be high energy and require a lot of exercise. They also need a significant amount of mental stimulation, which can be a challenge for first time dog owners or those who have never owned a large breed dog before. If you have a flexible schedule and can devote a considerable amount of time everyday to exercise and training, then a Doberman might be a good fit for you.

Second, Dobermans can be very protective of their owners and have a strong prey drive. It's important to begin socializing them early so they are comfortable around other dogs and people. Additionally, training should begin early to help prevent any aggression issues developing later on.

Finally, if you live in an apartment, be sure to consider the size of the dog and the amount of space it needs to move around. Dobermans are medium to large sized dogs who need space to stretch their legs and play.

Overall, I would say that a Doberman can be a wonderful companion, loyal friend and great guard dog. However, they need a lot of time and attention, so make sure you are prepared to devote yourself fully to training and exercise requirements. If you are able to do so, then a Doberman might be a great addition to your life!


Hello! As a Doberman owner for over a decade, I can tell you that this breed is one of the most loving, intelligent and loyal dogs that you will encounter. If you're considering getting a Doberman, there are a few things that you need to know before making the commitment.

Dobermans have a reputation for being aggressive, but with the right training and socialization, they can be incredibly friendly and great with children. In fact, my Doberman is the sweetest, most affectionate dog I have ever owned. He is eager to please and always by my side.

That being said, Dobermans are also powerful animals who require daily exercise and constant attention. They can be high energy and demanding of your time and resources. If you're not committed to daily walks or playtime, this breed may not be suitable for you.

In terms of living arrangements, Dobermans can be great apartment dogs as long as you can provide them with proper exercise and stimulation. They are very active and need space to run and play. You should also consider investing in puzzle toys or interactive games to keep them mentally stimulated.

Overall, I would say that Dobermans are loving, energetic and fiercely loyal dogs that make great companions if you're up for the challenge. Just know that they are high maintenance and require a lot of time and patience. If you're up for it, I promise the reward of owning a Doberman is well worth the work.


Hello everyone, I am a professional dog trainer and have had experience working with Dobermans. While they are a wonderful breed with several positive attributes, they may not be the best fit for every owner.

Dobermans are an intelligent and active breed that requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Without enough exercise and attention, they can become destructive and develop behavioral issues. Proper socialization is also key to raising a well-rounded Doberman. Early training, exposure to different people and environments, and positive reinforcement methods are all important in raising a well-adjusted and obedient Doberman.

When it comes to aggression, Dobermans can exhibit protective or territorial behavior, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are an aggressive breed. Correct socialization at an early age can help avoid potential problems in adulthood, but it's important to remember that any breed can potentially display aggressive behavior.

Space is also another important consideration when it comes to Dobermans. They are a medium to large-sized breed and need room to move around and exercise. Although they can work well in apartments, they do require sufficient space and are not ideal for small spaces or homes with limited outdoor area.

Overall, I believe Dobermans are a great breed for experienced dog owners and families who can commit the time and resources necessary for proper care and training. They can make fantastic companions and loyal family members when given the attention and socialization they need.


Hey everyone, I have had a few experiences with Dobermans through friends and family who owned them. Personally, I think they make wonderful dogs if raised and trained properly.

Dobermans are highly intelligent and can easily be trained to do a variety of tasks. I've seen them used as therapy dogs, police dogs, and even as assistant dogs for people with disabilities. They are loyal, devoted canines that are protective of their owners and almost always want to be near them.

However, as mentioned by other users, they require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They need constant attention and do not like being left alone for long periods of time. Additionally, they can be very vocal and may bark or whine endlessly if left unattended.

One thing I want to point out for those considering a Doberman is their size. They are powerful and muscular dogs and should be handled with care. This also means that they might take more time to train and socialize than smaller breeds.

Overall, I think Dobermans are amazing dogs that are perfect for a certain type of person or family. They require a lot of attention, training, patience, and love, but they can also bring endless joy and companionship to the right home.


Hi there! As a proud Doberman owner, I can give you some insights and personal experiences about the breed. I got my Doberman when he was a few months old, and he is now almost two years old.

First, Dobermans are incredibly loyal and intelligent dogs. They bond closely with their owners and make great companions. They are always eager to please and pick up on commands quickly, which makes training easier.

That being said, they also require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. My Doberman needs at least an hour of exercise every day, which can be a challenge in inclement weather or busy days. They are also prone to separation anxiety, so if you work long hours, it may not be the best breed for you.

As for aggression, it is true that Dobermans have a reputation for being an aggressive breed. However, these tendencies can be mitigated through early socialization and training. My Doberman is friendly and gentle with people and other dogs, but he is also instinctively protective of his family and home.

Overall, I would say that if you can provide plenty of exercise, training, and socialization, a Doberman can be a fantastic fit for a single person in a small apartment. They are loyal, intelligent, and fiercely protective, making them great guard dogs. Just be sure to do your research and commit to the time and effort required to raise a happy and healthy Doberman!

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