Black Doberman is the most common color available amongst Dobermans. They can either be all-black or have some rust or tan markings all over their body.

Black Doberman with Tan/Rust Markings


  • A black coloured Doberman with rust or tan markings is the most commonly available Doberman.
  • The Doberman species is typically identified as a black dog with few rust or tan markings.


  • Typically, a black Doberman has a shiny black coat with rust or tan coloured marking over his face, ears, legs and chest.
  • A healthy coat is glossy and sleek and the back and rust colour have a deep contract.

Genetic Makeup

A Back and Rust or Tan Doberman occurs when at least on dominant alleles (B) is present. The following variations are possible BBDD, BBDd, BbDD or BbDd.

All Black Doberman

  • An all-Black or melanistic Doberman is a rarity.
  • They are also not the standard accepted form and are often discouraged to be breed.
  • The all Black Doberman’s are either not pure breeds or are a result of inbreeding resulting in health and temperament issues.

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