Red or Chocolate Doberman

Red Doberman with Rust/Tan Markings


Red Dobermans are the next widely available variety of Doberman. However, they are still only about one fourth the numbers of their Black and Tan variety.

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  • A lot of colour variations ranging from the copper tone to dark chocolate tone are possible.
  • These dogs have a shiny dark reddish-brown coat.
  • These dogs also have tan or rust markings all over their body, but because of the similar tone the contrast isn’t as rich as in their Black counterparts.

Genetic Makeup

This coloration occurs when the dominant black gene has both recessive alleles but the dilution gene (B) has at least one dominant allele i.e., bbDD, bbDd.

Pure Red or Chocolate Doberman

  1. A pure Red Doberman is rarely available and is again discouraged. It suffers from health and temperament issues.
  2. These dogs are often called the Chocolate Doberman because of the dark brownish tone with a hint of red that they exhibit. 
  3. They are known are Brown Doberman in Europe.

If you are enamored by these lovely chocolate doberman’s go ahead and get one of these pups for yourself now.

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