The white or cream doberman’s are the rarest of all. It is a rare sight indeed to spot a completely White Doberman.


They look really grand and exotic, but adopting a white Doberman is not recommended.

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  • The first white Doberman was Sheba born in 1976. Thereafter, all the other white Doberman’s are her descendants.
  • Because of the inbreeding that has resulted in the birth of all white Doberman’s, they are partial Albino Doberman’s.

Other Facts

  • These doberman’s are the result of a lot of inbreeding.
  • They face numerous health and behavioral issues.
  • They often face several skin and eye diseases.
  • In fact many white Doberman’s are completely blind and this further aggravates anxiety and anger issues amongst these dogs.
  • The White Doberman’s have been banned in numerous countries as it is considered inhumane to breed such dogs with high risk of health concerns.
  • But because of their exotic look and rear availability, a number of unethical breeders continue breeding this variety.

So, we will discourage you from buying the White Doberman. It is not only inhuman but these dogs also have a problematic life. So, spare both yourself and these dogs the pain. If these are no buyers the breeding of these dogs will stop eventually.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

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