A Doberman puppy can cost you from 500-3500$. Doberman Pinscher will cost you somewhere around 1500-2500$, whereas European Doberman or Doberman will start from 3000$ and can be upto 4000$.

Factors Influencing the Price

Bloodline: If its folks were in the show business or not.

Reputable Breeders: As much as a breeder gets reputed, his/her Doberman pups get costly.

Kennel Club Certificates: If it is certified, that means you pay more.

Cropped Ears and Docked Tail: If it is done to your pup, you pay more.

Health Testing: If it went for health check-up and had tests done, voila you pay more.

Vaccine: If it has been vaccinated by first round of vaccine, you pay more.

But all this comes with its benefits and believe me you don’t want to take any chances with a Doberman pup.

Also, if someone offers you a Doberman pup for less than 1000$; trust me there is something wrong or missing.

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Price Range and its Implications

Now, you will be offered three types of price ranges; when it comes to a Doberman pup and they are:

A. $300 to $600

– Puppy comes from a Puppy Mill, where the main job of the breeder is to produce as many pups as possible.

– Dogs here suffer from inhumane conditions, health issues, inbreeding problems and even injuries.

B. $500 to $1000

     – Puppy is coming from a Backyard Breeder, who are either not typical breeders or faced an unplanned Doberman pregnancy.

     – Dogs here haven’t been raised or breeded through the safety protocols and procedures mentioned and approved by AKC, so they are very doubtful and full of surprises.

C. $1500 to $2500 (Doberman Pinscher) and $3000 to $4000 (Doberman)

       – Puppy is coming from a Reputable breeder, who are certified by AKC and other Kennel clubs and they know what they are doing.

       – Dogs raised here have been breeded from top quality dogs, using all the safety protocols and procedures. They even have Health Testing and Vaccination done. These pups are the safest bet.

Price and Colour of Doberman

Now if you want to know about the price of a Doberman pup, according to their color; well we won’t disappoint you.

  1. Blue Doberman : It will cost you $1500 to $2500 from a reputable breeder.
  • Fawn Doberman: It will cost you $1500 to $2500, but people can try to extract more money given the fact that it is a premium colour.
  • White Doberman: Since, they tend to have more health problems, generally breeders don’t breed them. Because of the same, people can try to extract more money, but they will also cost between $1500 to $2500.

One more thing, there’s no such thing as King’s or Warlock’s Doberman anymore. As, it was the Doberman made by Louis Dobermann himself and he didn’t share the formula with anybody else. So, don’t get fooled into a scam for the same.

After getting the pup, you will need to spend some extra $640 give and take.

This includes their food, treats, toys, crate, bed, bowl, leash, Collar/Harness, Vet visit, vaccination, etc.

The first-year expenditure can go up-to $4000 to 4500, FYI. So be prepared to shower your Doberman pup with love, time, energy and money.

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