Fawn Doberman with Tan Markings


They are very rarely seen and are the least common amongst all the above Doberman color varieties.


  • The fawn doberman has a light brown look. They are the color dilution of the color red.
  • The markings that these doberman’s have are of a similar color and there is very little contrast.
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Genetic Makeup

The fawn coloration is the result of both the color (B) and dilution (D) genes having two recessive alleles (i.e., bbdd). The fawn color is the diluted version of red.

Other Facts

  • The Fawn Doberman’s with rust markings are an accepted breed though much less popular than the Blue and Tan Doberman.
  • This is mainly because of a lack of contrast between the fawn and tan. Also, the diluted red color gives the look of a light brown shade.

Solid Fawn Doberman

Like the other solid color Doberman’s which are missing the tan markings, the solid Fawn Doberman is also not an accepted variety. It faces numerous health and temperament issues and are often a result of unethical breeding.

Fawn Dobermans are not everyone’s cup of tea. But they may be exactly what you are looking for.

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