If you are looking to find a good puppy from a reputable European Doberman breeder; you would normally have to swim through an ocean of fake breeders, accidental breeders and a lot of other con men.

To be honest, it is somewhat also the mistake of reputable breeders. Because,

  • one they have too much work handling and raising Dobermans and
  • second, they don’t advertise and market themselves, properly.

Taking this opportunity of less advertised reputable breeders, the conmen and the fake breeders list to confuse you. So that in the end, you give up and just choose their pup.

But lucky for you, that we are here to help you.

How to identify if dog listed by a breeder is a European Doberman?

  1. The dogs wouldn’t be described with Pinscher in their name. They will either be listed as European Doberman or “Doberman”.
  2. There wouldn’t be any mention of American Kennel Club (AKC), which is for Doberman Pinscher.
  3. The picture which they will show will most probably will have an outdoor setting, with a dog kind of pulling the leash and owner (behind the dog, sometimes not in the picture). The picture will never have a show setup and a owner in a suit.
  4. Also, they might be listing that their Doberman has lineage from Europe or areas around it.
  5. They can also reference the dog with Working Dog tittle such as IPO/Schutzhund/IGP.

FYI, a “Doberman” pup has thicker snout than Doberman Pinscher pup.

Where to find the European Doberman Breeders?

1. AKC Market Place

Here you can find breeders which are reputable and they are certified according to the protocols that they follow and health testing that they do. Here, you will mostly find Doberman Pinschers, though.

2. Doberman Pinscher Club for America – DPCA

Here if you scroll down, you will find the list of the breeders. You need to focus on PU – Puppy and HT – Health Testing markers and select from the list, breeders that have these assigned to them.

3. Doberman Diversity Project

This is a website for a Non Profit organisation, which researches for increasing the longevity and disease fighting capability for Doberman. The breeders listed here are the most reputable, humane and old breeders.

4. United Doberman Club

Here you can find all the Doberman breeders, who breed European Doberman.

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Top 5 European Doberman Breeders

1. Bell’Lavoro

They are listed on United Doberman Club and Doberman Diversity Project. They are based in New York. The owner name is Vicky Rotolo Brachfeld.

2. Unique Dobermans

They are listed on the Doberman Diversity Project and their website mentions both Doberman Pinscher and “Doberman” (with working dog titles). They are based in Oregon. The owner name is Jan Whistler-Clark.

3. Del’Agilio Working Doberman

They are listed on UDC website. They also have their own website and only deal in European Doberman. They are based out of Staten Island (New York) and the owner name is Frank DeLaglio.

4. Feverhaus Dobermans

They are listed on the UDC and have their own website. They only deal in European Doberman. They are based out of Long Island, New York. The owner name is Mitch Edley.

5. Masaya Dobermans

They are listed on UDC and have their own website. They only deal in European Doberman. They are based out of Little Rock, Arkansas. The owner name is Brandie Williams and Kylie Overton.

Here you go folks. Also check out all the breeders listed on UDC to find out the one nearest to you. So, you can go and visit them.

It’s good that you have chosen to go with a European Doberman or simply put a “Doberman”. I will tell you why it is a wise decision:

  • European Doberman are still very much relatable to the King or Warlock variant of Doberman (the one that was breeded by Louis Dobermann himself).
  • They are working type dogs, which is what the Doberman is for.
  • They are heavier and bulky, exactly as a bodyguard should be.

Best of luck on getting a good “Doberman”.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

I'm Jason Morgan, founder and author at DobermanWiki.com. I just love Dobermans - they're the best dogs in the world! I got my first Doberman, Max, when I was just a pup myself. Max was my loyal friend and protector for over ten years. Since then, I've been working hard to learn everything I can about these amazing dogs. I started DobermanWiki as a place to share all that knowledge with other Doberman enthusiasts like me. My goal is to help every Doberman owner have the best possible relationship with their dog. I'm always happy to chat with other Doberman owners, so feel free to reach out anytime!

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