Well, looks like you have finally decided to choose Doberman as your “Man’s best friend”.  Believe its not an easy job, it will be a big dent in your wallet.

No other dog walks around with this aristocratic aura and the breeder knows it too.

Factors which influence the Doberman price

You can get a Doberman puppy for 500 – 3500 $, depending upon:

  • How reputable the breeder is?
  • Whether it’s an American Doberman, which ranges between 1500 – 2500 $
  • Or, a European Doberman, which starts from 3000 $
  • Whether it’s a show dog or normal dog
  • Whether the dog belongs from a Royal or Show-winner bloodline
  • How much certification the pup has. If certified directly by AKC (American Kennel Club) or EKC (European Kennel Club), then high cost. If only parents certified, then a little less cost and if no certification, then at a low cost.
  • Ear cropped or not
  • Disease testing done or not
  • Tail Docking and Dew Claw removal (usually its automatically done, but you can ask for not doing it)
  • First round of Vaccination done or not.

Types of Breeders

It’s important to know your breeder and the type he/she belongs to. There are basically three and they are:

Puppy Mills

  • Solely focused on producing the puppies as product and their delivery.
  • Pups procured from here might have some disease, have suffered inhumane conditions and might have undergone inbreeding.
  • Average pricing @ 300 $ to 600 $

Backyard Breeders

  • These people are not experienced breeders. They might be first timers or results of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Although, these people provide humane conditions; but don’t follow the procedure and prescribed standards.
  • Average pricing @ 500 $ to 1000 $

Reputable Breeders

  • These people are the pros. They have all the experience. They participate in the dog shows.
  • There is usually a waiting period and a buyer list, that they work for.
  • These guys will make sure you’re well prepared physically, monetarily and mentally to own a Doberman.
  • Doberman pup from them comes with first round of vaccines and proper certification.
  • Average pricing @ 1500 $ to 2500 $ (for a European, its 3000 to 3500 $)

Tabular representation of Doberman prices (Colour-wise)

Colour American Doberman European Doberman Price
Black Yes, 1500 – 2500 $ Yes, 3000 – 4000 $ 1500 – 4000 $
Red Yes, 1500 – 2500 $ Yes, 3000 – 4000 $ 1500 – 4000 $
Blue Yes No 1500 – 2500 $
Fawn Yes No 1500 – 2500 $, but breeder might try to charge more because of the colour
All Black No No 1500 – 2500 $, but the breeder might try to charge more due to rarity
White (partial Albino) No No 1500 – 2500 $, but the breeder might try to charge more due to rarity
Albino No No Exist only in theory

Points to Remember

  • King’s or Warlock variant of Doberman is not real, if offered by a breeder please don’t buy. They can charge as high as 4000 $ for a rip-off made from breeding of Doberman and Great Dane.
  • Once you buy a Doberman pup the starter pack for all things Doberman comes to a total of 640 $, which includes quality puppy food, treats, toys, dog crate, bed, etc.

Most important thing, if you just want a Doberman adopt a rescue. Best thing ever.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

I'm Jason Morgan, founder and author at DobermanWiki.com. I just love Dobermans - they're the best dogs in the world! I got my first Doberman, Max, when I was just a pup myself. Max was my loyal friend and protector for over ten years. Since then, I've been working hard to learn everything I can about these amazing dogs. I started DobermanWiki as a place to share all that knowledge with other Doberman enthusiasts like me. My goal is to help every Doberman owner have the best possible relationship with their dog. I'm always happy to chat with other Doberman owners, so feel free to reach out anytime!

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