Well, looks like you have finally decided to choose Doberman as your “Man’s best friend”.  Believe its not an easy job, it will be a big dent in your wallet.

No other dog walks around with this aristocratic aura and the breeder knows it too.

Factors which influence the Doberman price

You can get a Doberman puppy for 500 – 3500 $, depending upon:

  • How reputable the breeder is?
  • Whether it’s an American Doberman, which ranges between 1500 – 2500 $
  • Or, a European Doberman, which starts from 3000 $
  • Whether it’s a show dog or normal dog
  • Whether the dog belongs from a Royal or Show-winner bloodline
  • How much certification the pup has. If certified directly by AKC (American Kennel Club) or EKC (European Kennel Club), then high cost. If only parents certified, then a little less cost and if no certification, then at a low cost.
  • Ear cropped or not
  • Disease testing done or not
  • Tail Docking and Dew Claw removal (usually its automatically done, but you can ask for not doing it)
  • First round of Vaccination done or not.

Types of Breeders

It’s important to know your breeder and the type he/she belongs to. There are basically three and they are:

Puppy Mills

  • Solely focused on producing the puppies as product and their delivery.
  • Pups procured from here might have some disease, have suffered inhumane conditions and might have undergone inbreeding.
  • Average pricing @ 300 $ to 600 $

Backyard Breeders

  • These people are not experienced breeders. They might be first timers or results of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Although, these people provide humane conditions; but don’t follow the procedure and prescribed standards.
  • Average pricing @ 500 $ to 1000 $

Reputable Breeders

  • These people are the pros. They have all the experience. They participate in the dog shows.
  • There is usually a waiting period and a buyer list, that they work for.
  • These guys will make sure you’re well prepared physically, monetarily and mentally to own a Doberman.
  • Doberman pup from them comes with first round of vaccines and proper certification.
  • Average pricing @ 1500 $ to 2500 $ (for a European, its 3000 to 3500 $)

Tabular representation of Doberman prices (Colour-wise)

Colour American Doberman European Doberman Price
Black Yes, 1500 – 2500 $ Yes, 3000 – 4000 $ 1500 – 4000 $
Red Yes, 1500 – 2500 $ Yes, 3000 – 4000 $ 1500 – 4000 $
Blue Yes No 1500 – 2500 $
Fawn Yes No 1500 – 2500 $, but breeder might try to charge more because of the colour
All Black No No 1500 – 2500 $, but the breeder might try to charge more due to rarity
White (partial Albino) No No 1500 – 2500 $, but the breeder might try to charge more due to rarity
Albino No No Exist only in theory

Points to Remember

  • King’s or Warlock variant of Doberman is not real, if offered by a breeder please don’t buy. They can charge as high as 4000 $ for a rip-off made from breeding of Doberman and Great Dane.
  • Once you buy a Doberman pup the starter pack for all things Doberman comes to a total of 640 $, which includes quality puppy food, treats, toys, dog crate, bed, etc.

Most important thing, if you just want a Doberman adopt a rescue. Best thing ever.

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