Does your Doberman Fart a lot? Know Why?

Dobermans are great family dogs and very smart because of which many want to add them to their family. However, raising a Doberman is not an easy task. You need to be very conscious about their health and needs.

If you have a Doberman, you must have experienced some bad or lousy smell around your house. These are very unpleasant but not uncommon with a Doberman. Dobermans have a sensitive stomach and suffer from many health issues related to digestion. As a Dobie parent, you must be wondering why Dobermans fart a lot and how to prevent this?

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Reasons Why Dobermans Fart a Lot

There are several reasons why your Doberman fart so much. Dobermans are considered to be one of the gassier dog breeds. Though the cause of dog farts varies, they are more or less similar to people. Here are a few reasons why Dobermans fart a lot:


Dobermans tend to swallow too much air while eating and drinking. This is also known as Aerophagia; at first, it may not sound like a big deal but swallowing too much air while eating and drinking can cause severe issues. It can lead to further problems like gastric torsion and bloating; these serious health issues require veterinary attention. There are a few reasons why Dobermans swallow too much air, such as.

  • Dobermans tend to eat too fast.
  • Eating soon after any physical activity.
  • Eating from a bowl that’s kept too down.
  • Consuming fermentable foods that expel gas once inside
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Any underlining respiratory diseases

Stomach Sensitivity

Foods that are difficult to process or digest can cause excessive gas. Like humans, Dobermans are also known for having some stomach sensitivity and allergic reactions to certain food. Dobies are not able to digest food easily as compared to other dogs, and because of this reason, they suffer from farting quite a lot. 

Eating High Protein Food

Dobermans are high-energy and muscular dogs. They indulge in different types of physical activity, so owners often feed them high-protein foods to maintain their lean muscle. However, it has some side effects—especially those foods that are made from red meat containing a lot of sulfur. When your Dobie consumes these foods, their stomach bacteria break down this sulfur and create bad-smelling gas.

Lack of Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity won’t be considered one of the sole reasons for creating gas in your Dobermans body. But it can certainly be a contributing factor. Dobermans are large working dogs, requiring a lot of physical activities and exercises. It helps them to digest food more wholly and regularly. However, lack of exercise makes their body lethargic and reduces their ability to digest food more efficiently.

Illness and Diseases

Your Doberman might suffer from excess gas due to Gastrointestinal Disorder, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Tumors, Enteritis, Intestinal Parasites, Intestinal Blockage, Illness, Pancreatic Disorders, and other issues. And if you think your Dobie is suffering from any serious illness, disease, or disorder, it is time to visit a veterinarian.

Low-Quality Food

As mentioned above, Dobermans have a sensitive stomach and are reactive to low-quality food. If you are feeding your Dobie foods that have a lot of fermented fiber, then it will cause a lot of gas. Similarly, old or spoiled food also can cause excessive gas.

How Much Farting is Normal for a Doberman?

There is no specific definition of how much farting is normal for a Doberman. In general, Doberman will release gas at various times within a day, and it usually doesn’t come in a long burst and typically occurs when your Dobie is moving their body or stretching. It is normal for some occasional farting from your Dobie; however, excessive gas is not. You will learn about this after spending some time with your Dobie. 

If you are noticing that you are Doberman is releasing smelly farts more than often, then it is a matter of concern. And you should start looking for any unusual signs in your Dobie. Such as if you are noticing that your Dobie is farting more than 2 to 3 a day, if he seems surprised by the noise, or if they are farting while he is lying down and not moving or stretching. Then you should consult with the vet. 

Food That Causes Gas in Doberman

Dobermans have a sensitive stomach and can’t digest all food easily and efficiently. Certain foods and other edible things are more likely to give your Dobie gas. Such as-

  • Milk and dairy products
  • Red meat and crabs
  • Fruits and plant gums
  • Oats and barley
  • Soybeans
  • Green vegetable
  • Too many Dog treats
  • Beet pulp and peas
  • Spicy foods
  • Chicory
  • Pectins
  • Psyllium
  • Spoiled dog food
  • High-fiber and high-fat foods

To save yourself from nose aches, you should keep these foods in mind that can make your Dobie gassier.

Preventive Measures to Reduce Gas

As you know why Dobermans are farting so much and which food causes more gas in their stomach, let’s discuss some preventive measures to reduce gas. However, before implementing these preventive measures, do consult with your veterinarian.

Gradually Change their Diet

If you think your dog is facing gas issues due to their diet, you should gradually change it. You can feed him foods specifically designed for sensitive stomachs. You can also give them foods without the ingredients listed above. And remember that new food takes time to show its effect, so you must analyze it patiently and slowly.

It is advisable to change your dog’s diet very slowly; you can do this by feeding them a more significant portion of new meals with a smaller portion of their old meal, gradually decreasing the amount of their old meal. You should wait at least two weeks after being entirely comfortable with the new food to see if you can notice a difference.

Avoid Table Scraps

Your Dobie may love to eat some steaks off your plate, but these table scraps can cause gas. Hence you should stop feeding your Dobie too many table scraps. You need to be very conscious, especially if you have small kids that might be tossing food on the ground without knowing it.

Eat Slow

Dobermans are fast eaters, which is an important reason for creating gas. And eating slowly is very important for Doberman because it reduces the risk of gas build-up and bloating. According to AKC, faster-eating dog breeds have a high risk of developing bloat than slow-eaters. Hence you need to encourage your Dobie to eat more slowly. To make your Dobie eat slowly, you can use specially designed bowls that force dogs to eat slowly, or you can try feeding your Dobie from a cupcake tin.

Provide Enough Physical Exercise

Dobermans are an energetic and robust working dog breed; hence they require a lot of exercises to be happy and to reduce anxiety levels. It also helps in improving their digestion. An adult Doberman needs 1 to 2 hours of exercise daily.

Providing regular and adequate exercise to your Dobie helps with digestion and reduces the gas build-up. You just need to be aware that you should not let them do any strenuous activity, just one hour before and after eating, as this will increase their risk for bloating.

Raise Your Doberman’s Food Bowl

Putting the eating bowl too low can help in the gas build-up. Neck positions while eating can significantly affect Aerophagia and air consumption. You can easily tackle this problem by raising the food bowl from the ground. It will align the neck better and put less stress on his body while eating. This is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of Aerophagia.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety from Your Dobie Life

Stress and anxiety are considered to be the main contributors to gas build-ups. Several issues can result in stress, such as:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Lack of love, care, and attention from the owner
  • Staying lonely for an extended period
  • Not receiving enough mental stimulation

As you know the reasons for canine stress, start working on it to keep your Dobie stress free.


Medication is another way to try for gas reduction. However, you should always consult with the vet before providing medication.


Many Dobermans are lactose intolerant. As puppies, they don’t have any problem digesting their mother’s milk, but as they grow up, they begin to produce less lactose. And it causes the sugars to go further through the digestive tract without being broken down and can result in a gas build-up, stomach issues, and other diseases.

Bottom Line

Dobermans are considered one of the world’s gassier dog breeds. And farting 2-3 times a day is very normal for them. However, you must keep all the above signs in mind that indicate a more serious issue and take preventive measures accordingly. If you are in doubt, then consult with your veterinarian.


Is it normal for Doberman to fart a lot?

Dobermans are considered to be one of the gassy dog breeds. Though it is normal for a Doberman to fart too much, excessive farting is a matter of concern. There are various reasons why Dobermans fart so much, such as lack of physical activity, high protein food consumption, illness, taking too much air while eating, and so on.

Do dogs fart when stressed?

Yes, stress is one of the main reasons why dogs fart. Excessive stress can cause your doggy body to change its hormone balance resulting in a weakening immune system, damage to the intestinal lining, and so on.

What food makes dogs fart?

Foods such as soybeans, peas, dairy, high-fat, and spicy foods can make your Dobie gassier.

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