It is important to know and understand which type of Doberman you want, and which type you need. After figuring out between a Doberman Pinscher and a Doberman, the next big question that arises is whether to get a male or a female Doberman.

It doesn’t depend on whether you are a male or female, it solely depends on how much time you will be spending on training them and in general how much time you can take out of your life for them.

So in short, an owner shouldn’t think of which dog is best; rather they should be thinking which dog is best for them.

Female vs Male Qualities Comparison Chart

Gets accustomed easily to your household. Will get more accustomed to your outdoors.
Matures early. Matures late.
They are quicker to train. A bit challenging to train.
They are gentle and kind around the kids. They get more comfortable around all family members equally.
Will be more in tune with your emotions. Will be more in tune with your commands.

Physical Attributes of Female Doberman

– A female Doberman is a bit shorter and thinner compared to their male counterparts.

– They will 2-3 inches shorter and 15-20 pounds lighter.

– Even their fur coat is smoother and they look more elegant.

Behavioral Attributes of Female Doberman

– Since, they mature at the age of 2; they are better and easily trainable.

– They get more serious and intense at everything they do, like learning to go for a potty break, asking for food and water.

– They also keep themselves and the areas around them cleaner.

– They are less tolerant to unknown people or dogs in public, but they don’t have aggression towards same sex, like males.

– They can be least tolerant to another female dog, which they share their family with though.

– They love to enjoy their time, interactions, cuddles with their owners; but that doesn’t mean they will not give you your personal space, when you need it.

– As, they are more in touch with their owners; softer directions and a little guidance goes a long way with them.

Ability to Train

– They can be trained easily compared to a male Doberman, who matures almost at 4 years.

– They can easily be switched to Off-Leash Training, since they are more focussed and understand the directions given to them.

– They can be left at home and alone, because their early learning and understanding capability.

Health Attributes of a Female Doberman

– As, they have a lighter, shorter and less bulky build; they are less prone to bone and hip issues.

– They tend to live a longer lifespan because of the same, although dog owners report that both male and female Doberman have similar lifespans.

– They are less prone to Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM, in which heart muscles get enlarged and thus it gets harder to maintain a proper blood pressure.

Children Friendly

– They are super child friendly and especially the right kind of dog to have, if you also have young children.

– They do tend to get attached more to kids and might pick out a favorite among them. They can even ask and force to sleep with their favorite.

– But it’s not like they will spend all day with kids; they do need their personal space.

Last, but not the least, with other dogs they take their time to interact, mingle and bond. But you will never have alpha issues on your hand.

So, choose accordingly because if you didn’t; the dog might end up in a rescue/adoption shelter, which is very traumatic for a Doberman.

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Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

I'm Jason Morgan, founder and author at I just love Dobermans - they're the best dogs in the world! I got my first Doberman, Max, when I was just a pup myself. Max was my loyal friend and protector for over ten years. Since then, I've been working hard to learn everything I can about these amazing dogs. I started DobermanWiki as a place to share all that knowledge with other Doberman enthusiasts like me. My goal is to help every Doberman owner have the best possible relationship with their dog. I'm always happy to chat with other Doberman owners, so feel free to reach out anytime!

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