Teeth Chattering in Dobermans: Reason and Cure

Like humans or other animals, Dobermans also suffer from teeth chattering. Have you ever noticed your Doberman’s teeth chattering? As a Dobie’s parent, you must be thinking it is just a simple reaction to cold weather. But when you notice it more frequently or a rapid click-click sound from their teeth despite having a warm body. Then it is a matter of concern. Should you be worried about this? The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. To know the answer to this question, you need to understand why do Dobermans chatter their teeth? And what are the common causes of teeth chattering?

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What does it mean when a dog Jaw chattering?

A dog may chatter his teeth for various reasons, though most of the time, teeth chattering is harmless. But sometime, this type of behavior may signal something serious. When your Dobie chatters his jaw, his teeth click together rapidly and can be very loud and bothersome. Your Dobie can chatter his/her teeth for a small period due to excitement, cold, or anxiety.

You don’t need to worry about it in most cases because Dobermans are most commonly reported to have experienced teeth chattering compared to other breeds. But suppose the teeth chattering continues for an extended period. In that case, it can be a sign of severe health issues such as neurological conditions, underlying tooth decay, or issues with the trigeminal nerve. It can also be a warning sign of a possible seizure or stroke or may be due to the room temperature being too cold.

What are the common reasons for Teeth Chattering in Doberman?

There are several reasons why teeth chattering or jaw chattering is taking place. A few reasons are given below.


Like humans, Dobermans also face difficulties in tolerating the temperature drop. Doberman’s internal temperature is between 101 ℉ to 102.5 ℉, and anything lower than 100 ℉ is considered hypothermia in dogs. Doberman is more prone to catch a cold quickly. When they suffer from the clod, their teeth will chatter, and you will also notice that their entire body will be shivering. In this situation, you don’t need to rush to the vet. Instead, you can handle this situation by keeping your Dobie warm.


If you are witnessing that Doberman’s teeth are chattering when you both are about to go for a walk, when you get home from work or if they are experiencing pure joy. In these cases, teeth chattering may be an indication of their excitement. Teeth chattering can also happen in the middle of the play session, and this showcase the pure joy, happiness, and excitement of the Doberman. Dobermans may also chatter after smelling or licking something amazing such as a piece of pizza while walking or anything else they like.

The rapid contraction and expansion of muscles in your Dobies’s jaw is a simple way of releasing the extra energy from their excitement. This especially occurs when you have trained your Dobie not to jump to express excitement. In simple words, you can consider teeth chattering as a harmless expression to show how excited your Dobie is.

Nervousness or Anxiousness

Doberman is prone to separation anxiety as compared to other breeds. Anxiety may occur due to stressful environments, loud noises, and when they are around unfamiliar dogs. Dobermans use teeth chattering as an effective way to calm themselves or as an anti-anxiety method. Just like Dobermans showcase their excitement, happiness, and joy through teeth chattering, they also showcase their nervousness or anxiousness by chattering their teeth.

Pain or Discomfort

As a Dobie parent, you must be aware that whenever your four-leg friend is in pain, they will not cry or whimper. Dobermans show their pain differently, such as panting, pacing, or sitting with their ears pulled back. Along with this, chattering teeth are also considered one of the major signs that your Dobie is not feeling okay.

Dental condition

Dobermans may chatter their teeth as a response to the pain that they are experiencing from toothaches or gum infections. If you have a Dobie puppy, they might be teething now, so they may also chatter their jaw. An adult Doberman is more likely to experience a toothache as compared to other dogs, and to prevent toothache; you need to brush their teeth at least twice a week.


Teeth chattering is considered one of the causes, indicating the risk of seizures. Immediately take your Dobie to a vet if you witness teeth chattering, weight loss, excess saliva, and vomiting.

Idiopathic head tremors

Along with teeth chattering, if your Doberman is shaking his head simultaneously, it may be possible that your Dobie is suffering from Idiopathic head tremors. This disease is very common among Dobermans, and a large portion of Dobermans suffers from Idiopathic head tremors. However, this disease is not that dangerous. But if this occurs, you can distract your Dobie by giving him treats.


As compared to other breeds, Dobermans are more likely to suffer from different allergies. If you notice your Dobie is sneezing or having a runny, watery, or extra eye bogger, he/she may suffer from allergies. In such cases, chattering their teeth relieves them for a brief moment from the pollutants that clog their respiratory system.


Dobermans are high-energy dogs requiring a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to be active. They are highly intelligent dogs, and it is very easy to train a Dobie. Hence it is very crucial to keep them occupied. If your Doberman doesn’t have an activity to do, they will easily and quickly get bored. You can take them for a walk or play with them for 30 mins daily to keep them engaged.

When it is a matter of concern

You should be concerned if your Dobie is chattering his teeth along with bad breath, swelling around and in the mouth, bleeding, drooling, sudden weight loss, decreased appetite, and loss of muscle tissues. As mentioned above, it’s not always a matter of concern, but teeth chattering is often associated with severe health conditions. If you notice any of these symptoms, along with teeth chattering, take your Dobie to a vet; they will tell you the exact cause and treat the problem.

How to treat Teeth Chattering?

Teeth chattering can lead to serious health conditions; if your Dobie is still experiencing teeth chattering after irradicating all the common reasons, then take him/her to your local veterinarian to seek a professional opinion. A professional will prescribe you medicines and diets, or they may be able to find the required solution for the underlining issue.

Bottom Line

Teeth chattering is both harmless and dangerous at the same time. So, ensure that you observe every detail when this behavior occurs. Do not forget to look for signs such as blood in the bowl or head shyness. The more detail you will provide to the vet, the easier it will be for the vet to understand the issue. With a little extra care and effort, you can handle this situation efficiently.


How do I stop my dog’s teeth from chattering?

Teeth chattering is often caused by oral or dental problems, so by maintaining excellent oral hygiene, you can stop your dog’s teeth from chattering. Don’t forget to do their regular dental check-ups. 

Is teeth chattering is a sign of anxiety?

Yes, teeth chattering can be a significant sign of anxiety. Dobermans are prone to separation anxiety and show nervousness or anxiety by chattering their teeth, panting, pacing, and whining.

Why does my Doberman chatter his teeth?

Most of the time, Dobermans chatter their teeth due to oral cavity or dental pain. Dobermans having a broken tooth, dental abscess, or gingival inflammation can be in pain and often chatter their jaw or teeth to get some relief.

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